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A Martial Art of Evolution: Combined Jiu Jitsu Arts

Brazilian jiu jitsu

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In a way, all martial arts are growing and changing over time. Jiu jitsu and Brazilian jiu jitsu have potentially changed the most of all. The evolution of typical jiu jitsu into the jiu jitsu we practice in Milton is an interesting story and one that informs how we compete in this sport.

What is BJJ?

BJJ stands for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. It is a modern martial art which is used in MMA and is practiced throughout the world (despite that fact that it has “Brazilian” in the name.) There‘s a wide use of submission holds, joint-locks, chokeholds and ground fighting techniques in jiu jitsu. It’s a strong martial art to use to round out your physical skills, particularly if the main martial art that you practice doesn‘t focus much on ground fighting.

The Evolution of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

There is a traditional Japanese martial art called jujitsu. This art seeks to give smaller, weak opponents an advantage they wouldn’t usually have over larger, stronger opponents. It focuses on leverage and ground holds.

In 1926, the Brazilian brothers called the Gracie family learned jiu-jitsu from a travelling Japanese judoka. At first Carlos and then the whole Gracie family became involved in jiu-jitsu, and also catch wrestling from Europe. They moved to the United States where they developed their own style and called it Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Similar to the original Japanese martial art, this style focused on grapples, getting opponents to the ground, and leveraging against them even when smaller or weaker.

Modernization of Jiu Jitsu

The BJJ we practice in Milton is not quite the same as what the Gracie family invented. In combination with Judo, the art evolved. There are now many different governing bodies that dictate the rules for their style of jiu jitsu. Modern jiu jitsu has also become an essential martial art for MMA.

The relationship between Judo and jiu jitsu is interesting. Both martial arts allow for the same or similar moves. However, those moves are scored differently. If you’re familiar with Judo, you may find that your skills translate well to jiu jitsu, just in unexpected ways.

Jiu Jitsu Places in Milton

At Dragon Taekwondo we don’t just focus on taekwondo, we also do BJJ. Talk to our instructors today about which martial art might be right for you. Or sign up for BJJ in Milton today.