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Is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the Hardest Martial Art?

Brazilian Jiu Jitusu

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We offer Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Milton, and often get questions about how hard it is to learn. Some students are worried that it will be too tough for them, and others are surprised when their first class introduces them to a lot of complex movements. It can be challenging, but it offers some of the best rewards in the martial arts world. It is a practical, powerful martial art that you can go very far with in competition, or that will encourage you to grow as a person. How hard it is for you will depend on a few factors which we’ll explain below.

Your Experience With Martial Arts:

Those who are complete beginners in the martial arts world will always have more challenges when they’re first learning. Those who have experience with any other type of program, from karate to taekwondo, will have some idea of what’s ahead of them when learning something new. You already know that it’ll take focus and discipline to move your body in whole new ways. You may also have learned some movements which will be like those you will learn in our program.

Your Cardiovascular Fitness:

It makes sense that those who are already fit will do better when first learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu. If you aren’t in as good health as you’d like, you can certainly still join a class. However, the first several classes will be harder on you and will help you get into shape.

How Many Moves You Can Remember:

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is complex and there are a great many movements to learn. Our instructors will wisely introduce them to you at a good pace, but your ability to memorize things will quickly come in handy. Those who don’t have a great memory for physical movements will learn a little bit slower than others.

How Well You Can Relax and Breathe:

For those with no experience with martial arts, it may be surprising to learn that your ability to breathe, relax and focus is such as essential part of learning BJJ. Those who meditate, practice another art, or are naturally great at relaxing will have a leg up when it comes to learning this one!

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