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Benefits of Our Ninja Course Program!

Happy and Healthy Kids

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We’ve turned our ninja warrior obstacle course for kids into a program here at Dragon Taekwondo. Through this program, your children can regularly get all of the benefits of participating in the ninja course. Here are five benefits you can expect your child to receive if they participate in our program in Oakville.

1. Develop Co-ordination

Our ninja course has interesting challenges that your child is unlikely to get elsewhere, such as our cheese wall, rock wall, spider wall, and rings. All these activities allow your child to develop better coordination skills. Gross motor skill development is very important for children of every age. Our staff ensures that each child faces an age-appropriate challenge so that they can strengthen their existing coordination and balance.

2. Improves their Self-Esteem and Competitive Nature

We offer more than just physical skill development. When your child returns to our ninja course each week, they will see how their skills have improved, how they can complete the obstacles faster, and have the ability to take on new challenges. This helps grow their self-esteem through genuine mastery of the course. See your child’s competitive nature come out, in a healthy way.

3. Increase Strength

Throughout the ninja obstacle course, your child will build strength. Week after week, your child will tackle obstacles that will allow them to strengthen their muscles, upper body, lower body, and core. Your child will also develop balanced strength throughout their whole body.

4. Expand Energy

So much of your children’s time is spent sitting in front of screens. It is awesome to be able to offer your child more time to burn off their excess energy on our ninja course. The course is truly tiring and will help children who have trouble focusing or sitting still burn off some of the extra energy they have.

5. Have Fun

Ninja obstacle courses are meant to be fun. When you’re a kid, that is a benefit in and of itself. Sometimes it is great to bring your children to an environment where there is less pressure to succeed and more of a focus on enjoying themselves.

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