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Since 2010 we have been working with and developing students of
all ages in achieving their individual goals.

Our Mission is to
unlock your full potential

Since 2010 we have been working with and developing students of all ages in achieving their individual goals.

Our instructors use the knowledge and experiences they have accumulated over the years in taekwondo, along with the latest scientific methods in order to work alongside parents and students to overcome the barriers they didn’t know they could, to become the individual they didn’t know they were.

We will show you that hard work pays off and that there are no short cuts to success.

Dragon Taekwondo Academy has been Milton’s #1 choice for martial arts instruction for almost 10 years and now we are very excited to serve our customers in Oakville. Please click here for more details about the new Dragon Taekwondo Academy in Oakville. Our commitment to helping each individual student achieve their goals is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Our team of instructors and staff adhere to the values of Hard Work, Dedication, Commitment, Honesty and Fair Play, and working with parents, we teach the same values to our students.

At Dragon Taekwondo we teach students “real life lessons” such as “hard work pays off and you will not get a participation medal for just showing up.” Our students have achieved success at all levels of sports and academics, from International medallists in Taekwondo to training to becoming Officers in the Military. We build leaders by “Lighting the Fire in You!”

Our Experienced Instructors


President After School Program

Master Jerome Walker

Master Instructor

Master Edmond Ayer

Head Instructor Milton

Master Arshia Chaudhry

Master Instructor

Master Zohaib Zeeshan

Master Instructor

Karina Bhana

Assistant Instructor

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Personal Training

This martial arts training is recommended for people who want to take Taekwondo seriously. Whether you’re a competitive athlete who wants to sharpen your skills, a beginner who wants to build a proper foundation for your Taekwondo knowledge, or someone who feels more confident training alongside a few family members or friends, Dragon Taekwondo has you covered.

High Performance Strength and Conditioning

Boost your endurance, polish those moves, solidify those blocks, and increase the impact of your attacks with this specialized training. It is highly recommended for athletes or those who are passionate about physical fitness.

Sparring Classes

Sparring sessions should never frighten or intimidate you! Many of our students with no prior martial arts experience believe that sparring classes are meant for athletes or black belts. This is certainly not the case. Being new to Taekwondo should not limit you from practicing your sparring moves. Our highly trained instructors are here to boost your confidence and teach you how safely perform your sparring drills and no-contact sparring.

Taekwondo Poomse Classes

If you are part of this team, then you deserve a pat on the back! Get ready to represent your city, province, or country in official Taekwondo competitions. With Dragon Taekwondo’s guidance, your dream of becoming a renowned martial artist will slowly come to fruition.

Family Classes

Are you looking for the perfect weekend, holiday, or summer activity for your family? Why not try out our family martial arts sessions! Dragon Taekwondo’s family-friendly facility is the best place to learn a new skill together with the people you love the most. Whether you choose to help or laugh at each other, the most important thing is that you are having fun and building a stronger bond as a family.

Summer Camps

Our Oakville and Milton summer camps teach your children lessons for life that will stay with them far after they’re done with camp. Our program will help your child learn the basics of taekwondo, boost their confidence, and help them build friendships with kids they might not normally meet at school. Dragon’s camps are led by staff who are experts in all our games, activities, and courses. Find out more.

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Master Shakeel Chaudhry - ChPC


Master Shak (as his students affectionately call him) has over 35 years of martial arts experience, over 30 of those in Taekwondo. Master Shak founded Dragon Taekwondo Academy back in 2010 with a goal to promote and spread the benefits of martial arts and to help individuals reach their full potential. Master Shak has trained in Canada, United States, Korea, Iran, and Mexico with some of the top Grandmasters and Olympic Coaches in the world. 


President After School Program

Ms. Sadia started the Dragon Taekwondo Before & After School Program in 2014 to provide recreational child care services for working parents, while providing children with a safe and nurturing environment. Ms. Sadia, understands the challenges faced by working parents and we work with them as “Their Partners in Parenting” to ensure their children grow to become confident, respectful future leaders of the community. 

Master Jerome Walker

Master Instructor

Master Jerome is Dragon Taekwondo Academy’s Head Instructor, with over 20 years experience of teaching Taekwondo. Master Jerome is also a high school teacher who coaches high school football. He understands how to communicate with young people to bring out the best in them.  

Master Edmond Ayer

Head Instructor – Dragon Taekwondo - Milton

Master Edmond comes to us with over 26 years of teaching experience. Eight of those years he spent living and training in Korea with many of the top Masters and Grandmasters. Besides Taekwondo, Master Edmond has multiple black belts in a number of different disciplines.

Master Arshia Chaudhry

Master Instructor

Master Arshia is Dragon Taekwondo Academy’s Senior Instructor, and former High Performance athlete who was the Canadian Junior National silver medallist. Master Arshia has been training in Taekwondo for 15 years and has trained and competed provincially, nationally and internationally. 

Zohaib Zeeshan

Instructor – Milton location

Instructor Zohaib is a 4th Dan black belt with 8 years of training and teaching experience. Speaking of teaching, he is currently pursuing an education to become a teacher! His love and passion for the students success will never go unnoticed.

Karina Bhana


Instructor Karina Bhana has been doing taekwondo for 7 years and has been teaching for 2 years. Instructor Karina’s passion for taekwondo shows in her dedication when she teaches. Her goal is to teach the new generation of Dragon students the benefits of taekwondo.