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Best decision, my husband and I made was to put our girls in the after school program at Dragon Taekwondo. My girls love the program and I have seen a huge change in their confidence level. It's a safe and healthy environment that I can't say enough about. The team is kind, loving and helpful and my girls adore all of them! Thank you for everything! I can't wait to enroll my son when he starts school 🙂

When our son switched schools at the age of 7, the after school program provider switched, and we weren't impressed with the new program. Almost instantly, we noticed a change - they were sitting around eating corn chips and colouring, and when we got home he was wild. Looking for a program that could channel his energy, we signed him up for taekwondo with Dragon. We had no real expectations of the program because we'd never been exposed to martial arts before, but it's been an amazing program for him. He's learning discipline and focus, and he's proud of the progress he's made, getting his first degree black belt before he turned 10. We love that the program has easy drop off and pick-up times, provides PA day and summer camp options, and also has a tutor available. It's been a great fit!

When my kids were doing their first free lessons (by the way, more were offered than at some other schools at the time) to see if this was for them, I asked other parents I saw about their experience - everyone was positive in the extreme. I enrolled the kids -that was a few years ago and we are still there! At Dragon Taekwondo we found a clean facility, great instructors, owners who care, and the kids love it.

My son has been going to learn Taekwondo at this place since he was 4 years old. He loves it here. As a shy kid, I have seen him become more confident over time.

Great after school program. The staff have been wonderful to my daughter since she has started. She looks forward to going! Wonderful and friendly staff!

Hands down best martial arts club in Milton. If you want to learn Taekwondo! The Taekwondo techniques are challenging, but there are many helpful and very patient instructors who are willing to work with you or your child. Master Shak and his staff work together to help you introduce martial arts in positive environment by also building life skills at the same time. Training @ Draon Taekwondo will improve your flexibility and strength and will help you gain physical confidence. If your son or daughter is also looking at a competition stream. This is the place to be. Dragon Taekwondo athletes also compete at local tournaments Provincial, National & International level competitions. The staff are welcoming, friendly & accommodating. Their summer camp is distinctive from others. The Before & Afterschool is an amazing structured & flexible program that works for you. Their hours are great for working parents. Aside from that, there is a great sense of integrity when you step in the door. Definitely a great investment. You will feel confident in your choice of martial arts schools.

My son is loving the after school program. He is new to the program starting the fall and he is already talking about how he is going to work hard and get his black belt one day. The staff are amazing from Master Shak, Sadia the ladies that run the program for after school and the bus driver that gets him and his friends there safely everyday. The facility is clean and well kept.

My daughters attend the After School program, and it is an extremely organized, safe, secure, and fun program. The Academy has a very family friendly atmosphere, and fantastic taekwondo instructors. My girls love it there!

Fantastic Academy! Offers great after school program, school PA DAYS, birthday parties and more...Staff very friendly and professional. Would definitely recommend for!!

I am extremely pleased with the classes that are being given here. I put both my sons in these classes and are having a great time. I completely recommend this school to who ever is looking for classes.

My son loves Dragon Taekwondo Academy! Master Shak, Sadia, and the rest of the staff are so patient, kind and genuinely care for each of their students. You guys are the best and I’m so thankful we found your program!

Enrolled my children in the regular classes. Enrolled my younger one in the summer program and I couldn't be happier. I see a lot of value add for my children from their programs. Highly recommended!

Our Daughter has been with Master Shack, Sadia and the "team" for a few years now. Dragon Taekwondo Academy is by far the best martial arts facility! The before and after school program is incredible allowing for flexibility for work or other projects us parents may have, and as part of the before and after program your child gets top training in martial arts. Our daughter has fallen in love with the martial art and has developed better discipline and maintained a high level of fitness. She comes home with a smile on her face. She is now reaching for her black belt and imagines a future in the Taekwondo Olympics! All of the instructors are highly skilled in thw art of taekwondo and are absolutely wonderful with the children. Dragon Academy also throws the best Halloween and Christmas parties and provide incredible summer camp programs. I could go on for hours. Love this place!

Very professional facility. Top notch instructors who care about each individuals progress and achievement. My children aged 9 and 13 enjoy every class and look forward to the next class, tournament and sparring league class. Highly recommend.

I book a 3 month trial period with Black Belt World Milton. After about 2 months I was not sure that it was the club for me and expressed my concerns. Being an old school taekwondo student, I was more martial art and less sport. They took the time to redesign my program to blend the best of both. Very pleased and signed up for a 3 year membership. They seem to always be trying to improve programs and better the atmosphere in the club. Thanks for caring

classes, and a weekly trip to some awesome places!! (Sky Zone, Playdium, Medieval Times, rock climbing, Laser Quest...to name but a few!!) I think the best part has been the strong sense of family. Everyone is always greeted with respect, and with enthusiasm! Staff are easy going, yet professional, and the instructors are fantastic! Master Shak and Master Johl are phenomenal instructors, and are naturals with the kids. Miss Sadia always takes the time to answer questions, whether in person, by phone, or by email. If you're looking for a quality club for your child, please visit Black Belt World! You will never look back!

Very impressed with BBW! The quality of teaching is high, the facility is professional and well-kept, and all the staff has a genuine passion for martial arts that is absolutely necessary for a great learning environment. We're also enjoying the discipline and respect encouraged by teachers, students and parents alike. After checking out a few other Tae Kwon Do schools, we are really happy we joined Black Belt World in Milton.

Black Belt World Milton is an outstanding club. As a black belt, I was looking for a club that could provide high caliber training while still being suited for my whole family - and this was the place. Run by world class experienced and knowledgeable owners, trainers and staff, no other school or program is comparible. My whole family goes here now.

Incredible experience for myself to be able to gain confidence. It is also very fun and I enjoy going to the classes. Incredible to get my black belt and be with the team for 3 years and counting.

Master Shak is great and very professional! I love Dragon Taewondo!

Master shack and all of the other staff at Dragon Taekwondo Academy are all fantastic. My daughter loves it so much, that she would live there if we let her. Having just started the family classes myself, I can now say from both a parent and student perspective that Master Shack is an outstanding instructor. I cannot recommend this place enough!

Would recommend Dragon Taekwondo Academy over and over. Their before and after school program provides a safe environment and enforces healthy lifestyle and discipline while building self esteem. Best decision we made was to enroll our children here. The team is supportive, kind and always go the extra mile to help where they can. Our kids LOVE this place!

My kids love going to the before and after school program at Dragon Taekwondo Academy. The instructors are great teachers, the staff are very friendly, and the facility is very clean. My youngest child can’t wait to start next year!

My kids goes to their After School Program and love it. They enjoy and learning a lot from them. Great owners and staff. All are friendly and reliable. Spacious facility and clean.

After checking out many facilities in Milton for the After School Program, our son chose Dragon Taekwondo. He started in September and absolutely loves it! The facility is clean and the instructors/staff are friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend Dragon Taekwondo Academy to anyone.

My son started here for the after school program back in Jan 2019 and he loves it. Staff are awesome and the program has given my son great pride in learning Taekwondo.

Great facility, great masters, great staff. My skids are having a lot of fun here. Highly recommended!

We have been with the program here for over a year now. Our family has been enjoying the classes and learning alot from the instructors. Master Shak has a talent for exciting the children and encouraging them to perform earnestly.

My kids joined in 2018 and they are doing amazing . Instructors are very qualified and the place is very clean and organized. Highly recommend. Awesome taekwondo place in milton.

Both my kids are part of the taekwondo after school program and love going there. The after school help are really friendly. Would highly recommend.

All the kids at Black Belt World Milton seem to have great enthusiasm for what they are learning. Plus they always display respect for every one of their club mates and instructors. I would definitely recommend Black Belt Milton for all parents who want to instill confidence in their children at an early age.

Dragon Taekwondo Academy has one of the best before & after school programs for kids in Milton. My son loves it here the staff is friendly and professional. Master Shaq & Sadia are great and very helpful, Annie is great as well. My son loves being involved in all of the activities that are offered here.

Programs are well organized and fun. My kids love the after school program including the PD Day activities. Master Shak and Sadia make a great team; running this with the utmost professionalism and care for the kids.

We have very good experience with Dragon Taekwondo, the staff is friendly and helpful, kids look forward to going, all instructors are great teachers We would highly recommend it to everyone

My son goes for before and after day care here.He has become very disciplined . .The staffs and the coaches are very friendly.

Highly recommend this studio. Staff are friendly, provide a great atmosphere for students to learn discipline, respect. My kids have been here for over 2 years. Started with a trial period and now plan to reach black belt. Great experience

This is the best club for before and after school program plus for teen age kids.I highly recommend this for the kids as my 8 and 14 years old sons are going there and really having great learning and time

Awesome place here. It is very good place to learn Taekwondo for kids and teens because of well organized staff and facility. Staff are very friendly and amazing instructors. I would highly recommend here.

I was looking for a martial arts school for my kids with option to join them as well so we could learn together as a family. Both my boys joined in Nov 2016, and I must say I have been more than impressed. The reasons are: - Great Management and staff. Master Shak and his team are extremely knowledgeable and customize there training based on the student. The admin staff are also amazing and always ready to help. - They keep it fun but also instructional. The kids feel safe. - Great variety of package and programs. Very very flexible. In summary both my boys (6 & 4) love it and for being introduced to the sport for the first time, have enjoyed it thoroughly and are eager to learn only because the masters and instructors are amazing and provide a very friendly environment. Seeing this I also joined the classes in March 2017, and the adult classes are thorough, tough and excellently executed by the adult class master and instructors. I highly recommend this school.

If you are looking for a place where your kids can learn not Only a Martial Arts But they can develop life Skills like Commitment, Dicipline and Respect then I can guarantee You will find that at Black Belt World! Specially the Instructor Shakeel with so many years of experience and he have so much passion for what he Does!! Thank you to Black Belt World in Milton and the Instructor Shakeel to provide This to our kids👍👏👏

Dragon Taekwondo Academy - Oakville

Can’t recommend this place highly enough! My 4 yr old daughter loved to kick, punch and wrestle so we decided to take her somewhere she could learn how to do it safely and respectfully. The team at Dragon Oakville (Master Shak, Master Jerome and Instructor Enrico) were able to connect with her right away making it a fun and challenging experience. Seeing her face when she earned her yellow belt by breaking a board is something we’ll never forget!! Thank you Dragon Oakville

Instructors are very engaging with all the students! I know some of the Masters personally and feel they do great work with their students!

Great facility with great instructors. The most important thing is the kids actually learn Taekwondo. We tried so many different clubs and finally found the right one. Thank you Dragon Taekwondo for everything

Dragon TKD is by far the best before and after school program and martial arts club in canada as far as I am concerned. My daughter has been part of the club for many years. Despite the trials with Covid 19 they really stepped up to the plate and created a safe, fun filled and action packed summer camp. They follow all safety protocols, I am amazed at how professional, skilled, hardworking and compassionate the group of staff are at Dragon TKD. My kid loves it. Our daughter has attended all summer camps, online training in Tae Kwondo when classes could not be held in person special guest, motivational seminars and also attends the before and after school program. Riley has a new family, we have a new family. I could not be happier. We trust these wonderful people with our precious girl. She has gained so much from them, learned so much. She is a self confident, more disciplined wonderful girl we are so proud of and that is in large part due to Dragon TKD. Riley is extremely athletic and the group really encourages her growth athletically and challenges her to be great. I can not say enough positive things about this club. We love Dragon TKD and know that you will too. They offer so much more than the average club it is unbelievable. We love you Dragon TKD.

I have been a jockey for 25 years. As an athlete beside being fit to performe great races, I also have discipline and self-control. I highly recommend it. The instructors are intelligent, patient and have a wonderful sense of humor. They genuine likes people and teaching. Indeed, they teaching reflects that they love what they are doing, and their students' skills reflect this fact. Their programs provide an environment where you will be safe, learn discipline, self-defense, self-control and have fun. Lots and lots of fun with a great workout. I give Dragon the highest recommendation possible. If you want quality martial arts training, do it. This school is not a business, it is a school of TRUE MARTIAL DISCIPLINE. It helps you build esteem, confidence, respect, discipline and active listening. You become more confident, happier and disciplined.

Very friendly environment, super clean an spacious!

Amazing place.. coaches are great..my kids love it. Definitely would recommend this place to everyone

Dragon Taekwondo, a world class martial arts organization, serving the Halton community for the last 10 years. The new Oakville location is a massive 11000 sqft facility teaching traditional as well as high performance taekwondo. The facility also houses one of the best after school programs, with sufficient space to follow all provincial CoVid Safety Guidelines. Dragon Taekwondo instructors are some of the most qualified in the area, being certified at the highest NCCP level for taekwondo as well as mindset and mental coaching.