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Ninja Warrior Program in Oakville

Our Ninja obstacle course in Oakville is a unique way to get fit and have fun, whether you’re looking for a new challenge worthy of adults or for a great way for kids to burn off some of that energy–and develop skills while they’re at it. Our new course is opening in Oakville soon, and we already have one operating in Milton.

Ninja Warrior Classes

We understand, working out can be boring for adults. You might be trying both to maximize your time at the gym and get the most benefit from your exercise in a small amount of time. But you also don’t want to be bored at the gym, or you know it’ll be harder and harder to go. Our Ninja course for adults is a great way to get in some great exercise while also doing something interesting. Instead of the same old moves with weight on the machines, you’ll be using your body weight on rock walls and other fun obstacles. There is also a large cardio component to the classes that is a great alternative to just running on a machine. Ninja warrior training in Oakville is just more fun than regular workouts.

Kid’s Ninja Obstacle Course

The course is also great for children. You don’t have to worry about your kids on the course. It is very safe, sanitized regularly, and supervised by well-trained staff who frequently update their training. It presents a reasonable challenge to children of all ages so that they have something to overcome but aren’t so challenged that they give up. The physical challenges on the ninja obstacle course that they encounter include:

The Cost of a Ninja Course

If you’re wondering about what the Ninja Course would cost you, it is best to reach out to us directly at Dragon Taekwondo. The price will depend on whether you’re signing yourself or your child up. And if you’re interested in having the course just for a birthday, that is included in our birthday package..

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If you’re living in Milton or Oakville and you’re looking for a “ninja warrior course near me,” you’ve found it at Dragon Taekwondo. Reach out to us today to sign up as a ninja warrior in Oakville or Milton.

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