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Before & after School

Program Details

Dragon Taekwondo Milton team has been planning and developing this program with the anticipation of providing families in the community with a convenient way to maximize the potential of children. Our before and after school program will take a harmonious approach to develop the mind, body, and spirit of each individual child.

Dragon Taekwondo Milton before and after school martial arts classes will follow a progressive curriculum that includes practical lesson plans for anti-bullying strategies and the prevalent dangers of Internet chat rooms and strangers. The curriculum is established to be easily applied to real-life situations. Our focus is to instill confidence, self-esteem and leadership qualities.

Within weeks the changes in your child will become obvious. They will be able to say no to unhealthy peer pressure. Their confidence level will rise. They will start being able to focus more clearly on their homework and they will begin to feel better about themselves.

Martial arts isn’t just a powerful character-builder… it’s a great workout, too. And in this day and age where there are TONS of activities that keep kids on the couch… it’s VITAL to inject fun fitness whenever you can. Our program will get your kid in great shape, and they’ll love every second of it. That way they can develop healthy exercise habits that stick with them for life. Focus+ fitness= Dragon Taekwondo attitude.

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Before & after School

Program Benefits

Increase Self Confidence

Increase Self Confidence – Through developing the skills in the art of Taekwondo, and through consistent regular practice, students gain increased self-confidence and self-assurance. This self-confidence translates into all aspects of a students’ life leading to better overall health and quality of life.

Physical Fitness

Physical activity 30 minutes a day, 2 to 3 days/week has proven health effects including decreased likelihood of stroke, cardiovascular disease, increase in metabolism which in turn reduces weight, and more energy. This leads to an increase in productivity and creativity.

Improve Concentration & Focus

With gradual daily martial arts training, students work towards becoming more proficient in martial arts techniques. Through regular training, this increases focus and concentration by learning simple concepts that are introduced at a gradual pace. Instructors build on these skills by adding more complex concepts and reinforcing and practicing existing skills over time.

Respect for Self & Others

The essence of martial arts is respect for oneself and respect for others. Taekwondo practitioners are taught character development following the 5 Tenants of Taekwondo, one of which is respect. Participants are also taught to observe and practice martial arts etiquette which includes respect for Self, Parent as well as Masters and teachers. This then carries over into daily life and into the community.

Develop Discipline

Martial Arts is the shaping of both physical and mental discipline. Regular practice and concentration sharpens the mind and body, increasing student’s emotional and physical ability which in turn helps individuals take on greater challenges towards being more successful in life.

Self Defence

The ability to defend oneself is one of the best ways to strengthen an individual’s self confidence. Students learn the foundations around defending themselves and exercise self-control, as well as Bully Proofing.

Increase Flexibility

Students participate in daily warming up, stretching and building strength around muscles with regular practice. Increased flexibility leads to a healthy body and reduces the risk of injuries.

Active Kids

In these days of smartphones and electronics, Dragon Taekwondo Academy’s highly sought after before and after school program encourages students to be active with both structured and free play activities. With a strict NO ELECTRONICS policy, Students learn important social skills such as communicating, teamwork, conflict resolution and problem-solving. Our world-class Martial arts instructions in a structured environment, in addition, to the unstructured time to complete their homework and play in a safe, clean and supportive environment is the perfect combination for the successful development of future community leaders.


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