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Breaking Boards and Building Memories: A Taekwondo Themed Birthday Bash

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Imagine the cheering and applause when the first board breaks. Those are the kinds of scenes you’ll get to see if you host birthday parties with us. Taekwondo birthday parties have become all the rage lately and with good reason too. Wondering what? Find out what a Taekwondo party offers and why it’s such a hit with both kids and their parents.

What is a Taekwondo-Themed Birthday Party?

Escape rooms, bowling, the arcade – these are popular kids; birthday party places that are perfect for your kid’s next special day. If you’re looking for a new idea, parents have started turning to karate birthday parties. They are typically hosted at martial arts schools and the primary activities at these parties revolve around martial arts.

Children get to become ninjas by learning new moves, breaking boards, and just having a great time being active! Of course, there are the usual birthday treats too; what better way to celebrate a birthday than with bright balloons, your favourite people, and fun games.

Why Are Taekwondo Birthday Parties So Popular?

Martial arts parties offer memorable experiences, which your children will talk about for days afterward. Given taekwondo is very accessible, everyone gets to join in, including the parents. Unlike other kids’ birthday party places where the birthday kid is the star of the show, martial arts parties make everyone feel special.

Looking for more reasons why kids love our parties? We’re happy to share:

Learn New Martial Arts Moves

All children participate in a 45-minute martial arts training session, where they are introduced to what martial arts is and learn how to do it themselves. Our instructors tailor each session to ensure every child can participate, regardless of skill level or ability. Children love learning the same movements they see in their favourite action movies!

Break Boards Like Your Favorite Superhero

Arguably the best part of a karate birthday party is getting the chance to break boards. Every child is given the perfect opportunity to feel strong, under the close supervision of our experienced instructors. Send your kids and their friends home with an incredible story.

Having Fun with Games

Once the martial arts lesson ends, the fun doesn’t stop there! Birthday parties can play laser tag or have a Nerf war, depending on which option the birthday kid chooses. Our energetic instructors will also arrange several activities to keep all the children entertained and having the time of their lives.

Don’t Miss This Photo-Op: Samurai Sword Cake Cutting

Make sure your camera is ready for the cake-cutting ceremony! The birthday kid has the distinct honour of cutting their birthday cake with a samurai sword. This truly unique experience is exciting to watch and will be a fond memory for years to come.

VIP Pass for Complimentary Martial Arts Lessons

Don’t be surprised if your child and their friends want to sign up for martial arts after this incredible party. That’s why we provide a VIP card that entitles children to one week of complimentary classes at our Milton and Oakville locations. Who knows? They might discover a love for martial arts and taekwondo that may have otherwise gone unnoticed without your kids’ birthday party!

Parents Love Our Parties Too

While making sure the kids have lots of fun is important, parents should love these parties too. Here’s why:

  • All parents can sit back and relax as our team looks after all the children and keeps them entertained.
  • We take care of setting up and cleaning up afterwards.
  • No need to buy or plan games specially for the party.
  • We’ll provide pizza for the whole group (available with select packages only).
  • Kids are supervised by experienced instructors who train children every day.
  • The party is in a spacious and safe facility, allowing for parents and kids to have their own space.

Thinking of Hosting Your Next Birthday Party with Us?

Reach out to us to learn more about our birthday bashes. We offer competitively priced packages, which can be chosen specially to make your child’s birthday the best yet!