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Essential Martial Arts Tips for Kids

Martial Arts Kids

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Are you dropping your child off at a martial arts after-school program for the first time? Everyone gets the jitters before they do something new. Here are some essential martial arts tips that you can pass on to your child to help them prepare for their martial arts after-school program in Milton or Oakville.


1. Size Doesn’t Matter

Don’t worry about being paired up with bigger kids. You will be matched up with other children similar to your size and experience level when you begin sparing.


2. It’ll Be Hard at First

Most people will not be good at taekwondo right away, which is not a bad thing. You’ll feel really accomplished when you improve your skills. This can showcase your effort and discipline.


3. You’ll Burn Some Energy

Martial arts classes are a workout and not always an easy one. You’ll always be challenged physically in your classes.


4. Sticking With It Is Important

When you’re learning any new skill, there will be times when you will feel like you’ve hit a wall, feel like giving up, or don’t feel like you’re progressing. There’s value in sticking with it, if you can, and overcoming those challenges. Martial arts is a great vehicle to teach your children the value of perseverance.


5. You’ll Do Warm-ups and Stretching

It is important to warm up your muscles and stretch them before you start any physical activity. Martial arts will teach you those techniques in order to stretch your muscles before and after you’re done.


6. It Takes a Long Time to Get a Black Belt

Many kids jump into martial arts expecting to get a black belt very quickly. However, it might be years before they are eligible to become a black belt. All good things require hard work!


7. It Is Okay to Be Nervous

There is nothing to be nervous about when walking into a taekwondo class, but it is perfectly natural to be nervous. Acknowledging your child’s feelings will help him or her master them and be successful in martial arts.


Taekwondo After-School Programs

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