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The Benefits of Karate Classes for Kids

Little Dragon

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Extracurricular activities are proven to be beneficial to a child’s overall mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Children build self-confidence, use their time productively, and make new, which is why martial arts classes, such as the Little Dragon evening program at Dragon TKD, have soared in popularity.

Are you considering enrolling your child in our Little Dragon program? In this article, we have outlined the main benefits that our evening karate classes offer to make the decision a breeze.

Benefits of Evening Karate Classes for Kids

  1. Kids’ Karate Classes Build Confidence

There are many elements today that can negatively impact a child’s self-confidence: social media, peer pressure, and even interactions with peers. Finding unique ways to boost your child’s confidence is essential to their development. Evening martial arts for kids can positively impact confidence and self-esteem by showing them what they are capable of. We provide a safe space where children of all abilities can discover their potential!

  1. Learning Vital Self  Defense Skills

Evening taekwondo for kids is an excellent way to gain self-defense skills in a fun atmosphere. When your child knows how to defend themselves, you can rest knowing that they can handle any situation they are presented with. What’s more, martial arts for kids builds resilience, too, teaching children the importance of not giving up in the face of adversity.

  1. Using Free Time Constructively

87% of Canadian parents say children aged between two and 12 spend at least an hour on the phone. No wonder that by the time they’re teenagers, they average 8.5 hours of screen time daily. Evening karate classes for kids encourage them to spend their free time participating in physical activities rather than endlessly scrolling on social media.

  1. Having Fun with Peers

Kids’ karate classes are a ton of fun! Children learn awesome moves, break boards, and socialize with peers. While school is a great place to make friends, it’s important to expose your kids to new people with like-minded interests. Expanding their friendship network is also an excellent way to improve their social skills.

  1. Parents Can Be Worry-Free

We’ve talked about the benefits for your children; now let’s talk about your benefits. As school often finishes before the average workday does, there is the chance that your kids will spend time at home alone; if you’re worried about them, our programs are the perfect solution.

Our instructors will ensure that your kids are well-fed, taken care of, and entertained until you are finished with work and able to pick them up. Our safe space, which is supervised by our team, is an excellent place for your kids to be after school. This allows parents to finish their workday stress-free.

Unleash Your Child’s Little Dragon

We offer a range of programs for children. The Little Dragon program is designed for our youngest students and focuses on developing agility, balance, and coordination. If you are thinking of enrolling your child in evening classes, consider the above benefits, as well as the fact that our after-school programs in Milton and Oakville are HST exempt, to decide. Feel free to book a tour of our facility; we’ll be happy to show you around and answer all your questions.