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Are you interested in pursuing karate in Oakville or a karate camp for kids? Why not try taekwondo with us, or even a taekwondo course online? One of the first questions we get from people who are interested in martial arts and are thinking of joining us at Dragon Taekwondo is: how can I get great at martial arts? If you want to achieve skill with martial arts, you should join us at Dragon Taekwondo. We have supportive instructors and offer many opportunities for you to advance and perfect your skills. Here are some starting points to help you succeed at martial arts.


1. Practice


Don’t just focus on competitions, practice is the most important part of getting better at martial arts. You should try investing as much time in practice as you can.


2. Focus on Form


While you might be tempted to focus on strength and the power of your movements, getting your form right is more important for your success.


3. Slow Down


You might be in a rush to learn new movements, but mastering the basics is important and will give you a better foundation for future movements.


4. Recover Fully from Injuries


Don’t rush yourself back into martial arts right away after you’ve been injured. If you do, you will find that injuries can reoccur quickly. You may end up causing permanent damage to yourself if you don’t allow your body to recover properly.


5. Spend More Time on It


One class per week may not be enough to help you develop your skills at the pace you’d like to. If you are going too slow for your personal goals, invest more time per week in taekwondo classes.


6. Don’t Focus on the Black Belt


While the black belt may seem like the pinnacle of achievement in martial arts, you’ll soon realize that it isn’t. A black belt makes you capable of starting to teach and support others, but there is much more to learn after you achieve this goal.


7. Approach Failure with Humility


Inevitably, you will fail at some aspect of martial arts. If you are humble, you will learn the most from your failure. By embracing the loss, you will be able to bounce back fast from it.


8. Be Patient


Success takes time. Be patient and you’ll be great at martial arts.



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Are you looking to pursue karate in Oakville or a karate camp for kids? Why not try taekwondo? Dragon Taekwondo offers a supportive environment where you can become great at martial arts whether you’re an adult or child. We even offer taekwondo courses online. Reach out to us today.