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What Can a Four-Year-Old Learn in Martial Arts?

Little Dragon

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When we say that taekwondo is an enriching experience for kids of all ages, we mean it. A little dragons’ karate class takes children as young as four, and so does our little dragons’ taekwondo class. Still, you might wonder, what can a child this young learn from martial arts? After all, they won’t be jumping or taking an opponent down anytime soon. But, yes, little dragons’ karate classes can be hugely beneficial for your child. Here is what they can learn.

  1. Coordination

Young children are just starting to make sense of their limbs and how they move. As a four-year-old, your child has made huge progress from when they were younger, but there is a long way to go. Finding the right methods to help your child develop is challenging, but taekwondo instructors have it figured out.

  1. Listening Skills

When you are a young kid, listening is challenging. Four-year-olds need a great deal of practice to learn to put their attention on something and keep it there. Martial arts are a valuable way to learn this, as keeping their attention on movement is a lot easier for many active kids than keeping their attention on a school problem or a teacher. Taekwondo is a particularly valuable outlet for them.

  1. Respect and Values

Taekwondo isn’t just about movement. Instead, it is also about a set of values, one that everyone at Dragon Taekwondo tries to live by. It’s never too early to start to be exposed to these values. We teach respect primarily to young children, but they may also grow to understand discipline and good sportsmanship as well.

  1. To Love Movement

It’s hard for children to develop a true love of movement from drills at school or even team sports. Taekwondo is all about them, their own body, and how it feels to exercise and accomplish physical goals. By starting your child young, you can help them keep the habit of good exercise their whole life.

Kids Martial Arts Classes in Oakville and Milton

We offer little dragons classes for children as young as four years old in Oakville and Milton. Our instructors are well-trained and able to help even young children have a great time in a martial arts class. Talk to us today about what your child needs from their class, and what we have to offer.