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What is the Finest Martial Arts for Small Children?

Martial Arts For Kids

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Martial arts are an excellent way to introduce your children to a variety of behaviors and activities that will benefit them in the long-term. From developing a fitness routine to learning respectful socialization to understanding self-defense, martial arts provide your children with so much valuable knowledge and awareness. However, some children may have difficulty with some kinds of martial arts, due to their size in relation to other children their age. At Dragon Taekwondo, we prioritize safety first during our martial arts kids’ classes.

Given the many different forms found within the umbrella of martial arts, it is important to choose the right kind of martial arts for your kids. As many forms of martial arts can be combative and competitive, parents may worry about how their children will do, especially if they are smaller in comparison to other children their age. Some kinds of martial arts are safer than others, which makes them a better fit for smaller participants.

We have compiled a guide of the forms of kids’ martial arts that are best suited for smaller children.


This traditional form of Japanese martial arts focuses on defensive moves that protect both the practitioner and the attacker from injury. As a noncompetitive martial art, it is the perfect choice for small children who are just starting out. Not only does Aikido teach your child defensive techniques that focus on redirection of an opponent’s energy, but it also teaches cooperation with others.


If your small child loves dance and music, Capoeira may be the perfect activity for them. This Portuguese martial art is full of energy, fluidity, and acrobatic movements, making it an excellent form of fitness for energy-filled children. Depending on the school, children can start as early as age three.


Unlike most martial arts, Judo does not allow punching or kicking, which reduces the level of risk associated with this activity. While it can be a competitive form of martial arts, small children can begin at a non-competitive level and focus on self-defense movements. Kids learn how to efficiently use their energy and their opponents’ energy to complete takedown techniques.

Brazilian Ju-Jitsu

This form of martial arts is a combination of Judo and Ju-Jitsu, which focuses especially on ground fighting and defense. It is a great option for smaller children, as it teaches them how to effectively defend themselves against larger and stronger opponents. It has a black belt ranking system, which gives your kids something to work hard for and motivates their participation in this activity.

Finding the right form of kids’ martial arts is essential in making sure your child is safe, happy, and healthy. While kids grow and mature as they age, it is important to ensure that the activities they participate in are best suited to their size and abilities.

No one should miss out on the fun of martial arts, regardless of their age or size, which is why we are passionate about finding the perfect fit for your kids. If you’re looking for additional information on any of the above forms of martial arts, give us a call or visit us at our website.