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5 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Ninja with Our Ultimate Ninja Obstacle Course

Cheese Wall Ninja Obstacle Course in Milton - Dragon Taekwondo Academy

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What does a ninja do? In cartoons, ninjas jump, spin, and move in incredible ways. They are capable of exciting feats. It’s easy to see why being like a ninja excites so many kids. Trying out our ninja warrior obstacle course for kids in Oakville or Milton may be a thrilling experience for your child. They will unleash their inner ninja on the many unusual obstacles on our ninja obstacle course.

These obstacles are more unique and challenging than what your child would find on the average playground. Plus, they will have our expert coaches to guide them through the obstacles and ensure that they are the right level of challenge for your child’s skills. Too easy and it’s boring, too hard and it’s not safe.

You might wonder, what are these obstacles? Here is a quick guide to five of our favorites.

1. The Cheese Wall

The cheese wall is as it sounds. Three hanging, vertical boards that look like Swiss cheese, with large holes in them. Getting around these obstacles requires strength and imagination.

2. The Rock Wall

This rock wall is just like the one you’d find in an indoor rock-climbing place, including the fake rocks that teach kids how to grasp in different ways. Your kid can make the wall more or less challenging, depending on their path.

3. The Rings

Do you have a potential future gymnast in your house? He or she may love this portion of our ninja obstacle course, the rings. They are a big challenge for upper body and core strength, as well as grips strength in the hands.

4. Warp Wall

Why move along a regular wall when you can challenge yourself to bend a twist with the warp wall? Our ninja course includes a warp wall. The bends will have your child develop their balance and flexibility in all four limbs.

5. Lily Pad Balance

Sometimes ninjas act like frogs. The lily pad balance is all about hopping big distances. It’s a challenge for the leg muscles and the whole body to stay upright and land the jump.

Other Obstacles on the Ninja Course 

There are many other exciting obstacles on the course, including:

  • The flying squirrel
  • Ninja run
  • Bag hang
  • Monkey bars
  • Beast ball
  • Rope swing
  • Rope climb
  • And more

If you have questions about our ninja warrior obstacle course for kids or if you want to sign up to try it, then contact us.