Ninja Course Program in Milton

If you have heard of our ninja obstacle course, you may be excited to hear it is now available in a class format in Milton. These drop-in classes give your child the chance to be a ninja in training. With supervision and support from our coaches, all of whom are highly trained, your child will explore unique physical challenges. These obstacles test more than just their strength and balance but also their mental fortitude and character. Our coaches adjust the challenge for your child’s age and skills. It’s a ton of fun, but it’s also easy for children to grow and develop while they’re doing it. We’re now proud to offer this experience as a ninja course program in Milton.

Cheese Wall Ninja Obstacle Course in Milton - Dragon Taekwondo Academy

The Obstacles on the Course

Wall Climbing Ninja Obstacle Course in Milton - Dragon Taekwondo Academy

Our ninja course for kids includes a wide variety of obstacles, most of which your child will not find at a park or at their school. These are interesting, fun challenges that are designed to test your child’s flexibility, balance, strength, and coordination throughout their entire body. Some of the unique obstacles on the course include:

These obstacles are interesting, fun and physically challenging even to a child who is very active in sports and martial arts.

Why Try the Ninja Course Program?

Our ninja course program in Milton offers your child more than just some fun and a way to expend their energy, although both of those benefits are important. Instead, our program is an enriching experience that offers children many opportunities to develop, including developing their character and mental skills. Some of the benefits your child can receive from regularly attending the class include:

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If you’re looking for “kid ninja warrior class near me,” and you live in or around Milton, you’re in luck. We’re excited to now offer our obstacle course as a class. At Dragon Taekwondo, we believe in offering enriching experiences that help children unlock their full potential, and this class is just one more opportunity for growth.

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