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6 Reasons to Say Yes to Spring Break Camp

March Camp

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Why get your kids enrolled in a March break camp in Oakville? Spring break is short and it may not seem like you really “need” to send your children off to a camp to keep them engaged or to give yourself a break. That might be true, but March break camps provide so much enrichment that there are a lot of reasons you may want to sign your child up for them anyway. Here are just 6 of them.

Cut Down on Screen Time:

There are a lot of benefits of the internet, but the time that our kids spend online is just too much. Parents need all of the help they can get keeping kids offline and in the real world–and spring break camps offer them some support. Your child would have very limited screen time at our spring break camp in Oakville.

Make New Friends:

There is a skill to making new connections, but at school kids don’t really get the chance – they know all of the kids already. Any child who is nervous about introducing themselves or uncomfortable with new kids needs to practice these skills to get better at them. Let your child make new friendships at a camp.

New Experiences:

It’s not just new people that are enriching. New experiences, like trying taekwondo, running a fun obstacle course or having a Nerf war are all new things your child will love. When we’re young, getting to try many different things is important to spark passions and get more experience with the world.

Focus and Discipline:

Taekwondo is all about focus and discipline. As we teach your child the movements behind taekwondo, they also learn the ideas behind it. The values in taekwondo are all about hard work, discipline, and being proud of your own accomplishments.

Self-defense and Confidence:

Taekwondo is valuable to help your child learn that they can stand up for themselves against their peers. Taekwondo gives children the tools for self-defense and the confidence they need to use them.

It’s Fun:

Childhood is short, why not do something new and fun over the spring break? Your child will return home excited to share with you all of the fun things they got to do at our camp.

March Break Camp in Oakville

Convinced that your kids will love a spring break camp? Try our March break camps in Oakville call now (647) 370-9759.