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The Best Martial Arts for Kids to Learn

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We call our youngest kid’s taekwondo classes the little dragons. These classes are ideal for children as young as four years old for the basics of taekwondo. Why choose to enroll your child in taekwondo over the other martial arts? While a handful of martial arts are good options for young children–we think taekwondo is best. Here is what you need to know.

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:

One of the most popular martial arts, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is all about grappling and bringing your opponent to the ground. This requires patience and technique, which even young children can benefit from learning. However, not all places that offer Brazilian jiu-jitsu also offer martial arts classes for kids.

  • Muay Thai:

This martial art is very practical and combines a lot of skills from other martial arts, including sweeps, using knees and elbows, and throws. However, there’s a little less motivation for children who pursue Muay Thai as this martial art does not have a belt system.

  • Mixed Martial Arts:

This cross-discipline is an interesting option for children because it combines so many techniques and advantages from each individual martial art that it focuses on. While children as young as four may not benefit from this multi-dimensional approach right now, if they do choose to pursue martial arts they grow, they’ll be at an advantage of having techniques from multiple kinds under their belt.

  • Little Dragons Karate:

Little dragons’ karate classes are often offered for children as young as four. It’s a good outlet for children who have excess physical energy and need more opportunities to move and gain balance and strength. Karate is also one of the martial arts that children tend to be most familiar with.

Why Choose Taekwondo?

Taekwondo is among the most popular martial arts for children for a reason. If your child chooses to pursue martial arts as they grow, taekwondo has more options for competition and advancement than many others. Even if they don’t, taekwondo offers them the ability to gain coordination, strength and learn the basics of self-defense when they’re primed to learn new things.

Kids Martial Arts Classes in Milton

We offer the best kid’s martial arts classes in Milton. Dragon Taekwondo teaches children focus and physical fitness, along with all of the other great values and skills that taekwondo has to offer. Reach out today to sign your child up for little dragons’ taekwondo or call (647) 905-5886.