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7 Best Martial Arts for Kids to Learn

Martial Arts

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Martial arts are for kids just as much as they are for adults. While children are learning control of their bodies through coordination, balance, and strength, martial arts programs are great options to help them. All martial arts are year-round and most focus on whole-body exercises, making them a strong option for kids who want well-balanced and well-rounded physical skills. We offer martial arts kids’ classes in Oakville and Milton and can tell you about the seven best martial arts for children to learn.

  1. Judo

Judo is a great martial art for kids because it allows them to leverage an opponent’s strength against them, instead of competing with brute strength. A modern martial art that is popular for competitions worldwide, judo is a popular choice for many aspiring athletes.

  1. Karate

Karate is one of the most popular kids’ martial arts and involves blocking, punching, and kicking. Kids may be drawn to karate because it is featured in films. However, it is still a serious martial art outside of movies that your child can benefit from.

  1. Muay Thai

A somewhat lesser-known martial art, Muay Thai was developed in Thailand in the 13th century. There is both grappling and punching/kicking involved in Muay Thai, which makes it a great option for children who would like to learn both movements.

  1. Kung Fu

Kung fu is a popular martial art from China. When choosing it as a kids’ martial art, be intentional with which specific subset of the sport you are signing them up for. There are many different kinds and principles behind kung fu, and every dojo will be a little different. (www.atticsandmore.com)

  1. Jiu-Jitsu

Specifically, the Brazilian version of Jiu-Jitsu has become one of the most popular martial arts for anyone to enroll in it. It incorporates holds, chokes and joint manipulations though, so it may be better suited for children who are slightly older and more experienced.

  1. Krav Maga

This martial arts is from Israel where it was developed for self-defense. While Krav Maga is highly useful and practical for adults who are trying to defend themselves, the lack of structure and focus on aggression may make it unsuitable for some children, particularly younger children.

  1. Taekwondo

One of the most easily recognized martial arts, especially in a kid-friendly context. Call us biased, but we think taekwondo is the right martial art for children. It teaches strong values and emphasizes self-defense without grappling or focusing on aggression.

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