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Dragon Taekwondo offers one of the top-rated adult martial arts courses in Oakville and Milton. Our award-winning, well-rounded classes develop the physical and emotional well-being of each student. We pride ourselves on having internationally accredited and certified instructors who help students reach their fullest potential in an encouraging and safe environment.

Our adult martial arts program covers WT Tae Guek patterns, self-defense, kicking and punching combinations, sparring with equipment, and more. We also integrate several self-defense techniques from Aikido and Hapkido. With the help of our law-enforcement veteran instructors, students learn and practice self-defense tactics.

Benefits of Enrolling in Adult Martial Arts Classes in Milton and Oakville

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Frequently Asked Questions

From learning self-defense to improving physical fitness and health, martial arts are a great choice for adults for many reasons. Your journey to your personal goals may be enhanced by martial arts, particularly if you think it would be fun to learn, as it’s easiest to commit to the exercise you find fun.

Yes! Martial arts are great for older adults. Unlike activities like running, martial arts doesn’t create as much impact on the joints. It also focuses on strength and balance in all four limbs, which is great to develop even muscle tone across the body and support general health goals. 

We believe that taekwondo is the best martial art option for older adults. Those who are looking for a replacement for their old competitive sport will find a challenge in taekwondo. Older adults may also feel empowered by the skills they develop in taekwondo.

That depends on what you mean by proficient and what your personal goals are. We can say that you will start seeing improvements and skill development quickly and will continue to be challenged for as long as you choose to pursue martial art. Taekwondo is a satisfying martial art to learn.

You learn at your own pace when you practice taekwondo, so there is no time guarantee to earn a black belt. If you focus and put more time into taekwondo, you can earn the belt in as little to two or three years. It takes most people longer than this. Remember a black belt is not the final goal in taekwondo.

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