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Keep your kids safe and extend their learning by signing up for an after-school program with Oakville’s best martial arts school. Dragon Taekwondo offers high-quality after-school karate classes, including a wide variety of program offerings to meet your child’s needs. Our carefully designed program will strengthen your child’s mind, body, and spirit.

If you’re looking for a program offering martial arts in Oakville, know that our training doesn’t just focus on improving your child’s physical health. We follow a progressive curriculum that includes everything from anti-bullying strategies to the prevalent threats of strangers and internet chat rooms.

Designed to be applied to real-life situations, our training offers a curriculum that will give your child the confidence they’re missing. If you want your child to exhibit high self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills, get him enrolled in Dragon Taekwondo after-school programs in Oakville

As your child participates in our training, you’ll start to observe a positive change in their attitude within a couple of weeks. It will get easier for them to manage peer pressure. Their confidence level will skyrocket. The ability to focus on school and homework will improve, and they’ll develop a more positive self-image.

Taking a martial arts class in Oakville is much more than physical training. It builds your child’s character. When your child can enjoy so many activities sitting on the couch, choose to get them up and get them moving. Our programs get kids engaged in physical activity and bring a much-needed balance to their life.

Watch your child improve their fitness level and have fun. We promise your child will love every second they spend at our martial arts classes, where they will develop the Dragon Taekwondo attitude: focus + fitness.

We welcome you to visit our impressive facility and learn more about our programs and the opportunity to master martial arts in Oakville. Provide your child with the opportunity to train their mind, body, and soul. Book a free tour today.

What does a typical day at the
Dragon After School Program look like?

School Dismissal

Our trained driving staff, with enhanced Police Background checks, arrive in fully insured and safety-tested vans that are fitted with in-car cameras for safety and security.

Taekwondo Class

Once at the facility, your child will participate in daily Taekwondo classes. Our after school martial arts program is designed to help improve your child’s fitness, increase their focus, and teach them respect. Qualified high-performance Masters/Coaches who have the knowledge and expertise to give your child the tools they need to succeed lead our structured program.

Safe Travel

Our Dragon drivers undergo annual driving tests to ensure they pass strict safety policies and procedures. In addition, our staff members are trained to be friendly and engaging with our students, so they feel comfortable and welcomed.

Ninja Fitness

The Dragon After School Program also includes a unique, one-of-a-kind indoor Ninja Obstacle Course (as seen on American Ninja Warrior). Our Ninja Fitness classes are designed to complement our Taekwondo Classes and help your child build strength, agility, and coordination. With the obstacle course being changed regularly and new obstacles added, your child will never get bored or want to go home.

Arriving at Their Dragon Location

When your child arrives at their Dragon After School location, they will be met by another Dragon Staff Member to ensure their safe arrival and entrance into the facility. Upon entry, ALL students have their temperature taken and hands sanitized before heading to their designated desk.

Homework Time

The Dragon After School Program believes education is as crucial as physical literacy. This is why each student has time to complete their homework during their stay with us. Our trained and certified staff are always available to provide homework assistance if needed.

Our After-School Program Benefits

Improved Fitness

Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of daily physical activity for kids. Regular physical activity helps boost their energy levels and helps maintain a healthy weight. It also improves their metabolism and helps them stay in better shape overall. Achieving an increased fitness level is what we aim to provide for every child enrolled at Dragon Taekwondo Oakville.

Ninja Warrior Course


Martial arts lessons will teach your child how to defend themselves. This will boost their self-esteem and confidence level. They will be able to stand up to bullies, exercise self-control, and protect their siblings or friends when they need help.

Flexibility & Agility

Martial arts in Oakville offered by Dragon Taekwondo will allow your child to warm up, stretch, and build muscle strength with consistent practice. Their training adds to their flexibility, leads to the development of a healthier body, and curbs the risk of injuries.


Taekwondo is the art of shaping your mind and body. With regular practice, your child can learn to concentrate. This eventually sharpens their mind and makes them more responsive to their surroundings. As a result, your child will be better able to cope with emotional and physical stress.

Improved Concentration & Focus

Our after school karate classes are designed to train your kids in martial arts until they become proficient in advanced techniques. This training adds to their focus and makes it easy for them to learn simple concepts at their own pace. Once they learn the basic concepts, the instructors will switch to a more complex level of instruction. With regular practice, each of these skills becomes a habit that helps them throughout their lives.

Confidence Boost

Our programs offered after school in Oakville are designed to help your child increase self-confidence by learning the art of Taekwondo. Your child can gain self-assurance and confidence through consistent practice that leads them to develop these lifelong strengths. From school to health to quality of life, confidence will be reflected in every aspect of your child’s life.

Martial Arts Rituals

Respecting Others

The foundation of martial arts training is to respect yourself and others. Our program revolves around the five tenets of Taekwondo. Respect is one of the most basic of these tenets. They learn to respect themselves, their parents, masters, and teachers. As a result, respect becomes a part of their character.

In-Person Connection

If you want to get your child moving and engaged with life, enroll them in our Oakville programs. Designed to make self-defence easy and fun, they’ll learn life skills through free play and structured activities. With a strict NO ELECTRONICS policy, we’ll help your child develop the social skills they need to excel in life.

Frequently Asked Questions

After-school programs need a few features to be effective in helping children develop. They need to be safe and founded on the right values, of hard work and discipline. But they also need to be fun and exciting. They should involve physical activities to keep children busy and give them an outlet for their energy.

You can’t just have kids show up to a program and hope it goes well. Implementing an after-school program requires a lot of planning, hard work, and training. You need staff who are well-trained to support children, activities that are enriching and exciting, as well as logistical plans and the right equipment.

After-school activities have many functions from keeping your children out of trouble to developing skills. Allowing kids to expend pent-up energy through exercise or shake off the stresses of the school day by spending time with friends are great ways to improve your child’s wellness. You can allow them to do this in a supervised manner by signing them up for after-school activities.

As a parent, how do you know if your child is benefiting from an after-school program? The first thing is your child’s impression of the program. Are they happy, do they have fun? Do they feel overwhelmed by homework or supported? Second, do you see improvements in their emotional health, school performance, etc.? We always make sure to talk to parents and guardians to ensure every child is having a pleasant experience.

There are many different potential benefits from after-school programs that you may want for your child. Supervision and safety are primary benefits. However, new opportunities for socialization and emotional growth, emphasis on physical health and activity, as well as homework support and mental health skill development are also important.

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