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Keep your kids safe and learning after the school by signing up for our after-school program in Oakville. Dragon Taekwondo offers after school programs for you to choose as per your needs and requirements. The carefully designed program is meant to strengthen your child’s mind, body, and spirit.

We want only the best for your child. Therefore, our martial training don’t just focus on improving your child’s physical health. We follow a progressive curriculum that includes everything from anti-bullying strategies to the prevalent threats of strangers and internet chat rooms. Designed to be applied to real-life situations, our curriculum offers your child the confidence he is missing. If you want your child to exhibit high self-esteem, confidence, and leadership skills, get him enrolled in Dragon Taekwondo Oakville after school program.

You will start to observe a positive change in your child’s attitude within a couple of weeks. It will get easier for him to manage peer pressure. His confidence level will skyrocket. His ability to focus on his school and homework will improve and he will develop a positive self-image.
Martial arts are much more than physical training. It builds your child’s character. We live in the times where your child can enjoy a variety of activities sitting on the couch. Getting him enrolled in an after school program will get your kids moving and bring the much needed balance to their life. Get your child in shape by injecting some fun and fitness activities in their life. We promise, your child will love every second he spends at our martial arts class. He will develop the Dragon Taekwondo attitude, that is, Focus+ fitness.

We welcome you to visit our amazing facility. Provide your child with the opportunity to train his mind, soul, and body. Book a free tour today.

After School Program

Program Benefits

Improved Fitness

Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of physical activity for kids. It comes with a plethora of health benefits. It will boost their energy levels and help them maintain a healthy weight. It will improve their metabolism and help them stay in shape. It will also increase their confidence levels which translate into higher productivity and creativity. That’s what we aim to provide your kids at Dragon Taekwondo Oakville after school program.

Flexibility & Agility

Martial arts classes allow your child to warm up, stretch, and build his muscle strength with consistent practice. This adds to their flexibility, leads to the development of a healthy body, and curbs the risk of injuries.

Improved Concentration & Focus:

Our after school program is designed to train your kids with martial arts practice until he becomes proficient in advanced martial arts techniques. This training adds to their focus and makes it easy for them to learn simple concepts at their own pace. Once the basic concepts are learned, the instructors will switch to more complex concepts. With regular practice, each of these skills becomes a habit that helps them throughout their lives.

Respecting Others

The foundation of martial art is to respect yourself and others. Our program revolves around the 5 Tenets of Taekwondo. Respect is one of the most basic of these tenants. Taekwondo practitioners are taught to respect which is a major part of character development. They learn to respect themselves, their parents, masters, and teachers. As a result, respect becomes a part of their character.

Teach them Self-Defence

Martial arts lessons will teach your child how to defend himself. This will boost their self-esteem and confidence level. They will be able to stand up to bullies, exercise self-control, and also defend their siblings or friends when they need help.

Self Discipline

Taekwondo is the art of shaping your mind and body. With regular practice, your child can learn to concentrate. This eventually sharpens their mind and makes them more responsive to the surroundings. Your kid will be better able to cope with emotional and physical stress. 

Confidence Boost:

Our after school programs are designed to help your kid increase his self-confidence by learning the art of Taekwondo. Your child can gain self-assurance and confidence through consistent practice that leads him to develop these lifelong skills. From school to health and quality of life, this confidence will reflect in every aspect of your child’s life.

Active Kids

We live in a technology-driven world, where everything can be accessed on smartphones and electronics. We have to admit, the convenience offered by technology has made our children lazy. If you want to get your child moving, get him enrolled in our Oakville after school program. This program is designed to make self-defense easy and fun to learn with both free play and structured activities. It helps your child, to develop social skills with a strict NO ELECTRONICS policy. It helps your child to learn all those skills he needs to excel in life.


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