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After-School Martial Arts Programs for Children

Little Dragons

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Picture this: your kids just finished a long day of school. They have been sitting down all day, learning difficult topics and concepts. They have lots of pent-up energy that is just waiting to be used, but luckily for them, they are headed to martial arts, where they will be up on their feet and active. They will keep moving, spend time with new friends, and be excited to show you what they learned when you come pick them up.

It’s time to consider enrolling your children in after school martial arts! In this blog, we will break down why we think after school programs are important and why martial arts should be at the top of your list.

Why Martial Arts?

There are so many kinds of after school programs, that choosing one for your kids may be difficult. Parents may not be sure what they will enjoy, what’s best for them, which will benefit their development the most. We believe that martial arts after school programs offer children everything they could ask for.

Martial arts are physically active sports that tap into the energetic and competitive part of a child’s brain. While most school teachers will tell a child to sit down and focus, our instructors will encourage the use of energy in our programs. Kids are taught how to harness and use their energy to practice self-defense maneuvers.

Just like other sports, there are different techniques that kids can learn, which introduces new challenges that kids have to work to overcome. This means they are being taught discipline, dedication, and the art of practice. Our instructors will take kids through the building blocks needed to engage with others safely and productively, as well as give them opportunities to try new things and advance their skill level. We believe that encouragement and support should be the foundation of any kids’ program.

Moreover, martial arts require social interaction with other kids, which will encourage your children to become more comfortable in social settings. As an individual sport, kids will learn how to motivate themselves and stay accountable, while also benefiting from the comradery of team sports.  After school martial arts are the perfect place to make new friends and build exciting relationships.

Benefits of After School Programs

While many adults have several hours of remaining after their children finish their school day, which introduces the need for after school programs, there are many additional benefits, such as:

  • Encouraging social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development, which encourages self-development and growth.
  • Physical health is essential for children to incorporate in their everyday life, which after school martial arts
  • Creating a sense of belonging for children.
  • Children are provided with a fun, safe, and supportive environment to learn a new skill and meet new people.
  • Building confidence and positive self-esteem for a skill or hobby.

Choosing Dragon Taekwondo

Dragon Taekwondo offers a unique martial arts experience that sets it apart from other schools in Ontario. Not only do they provide taekwondo classes, but they also offer a thrilling ninja obstacle course, making it a fun way to build strength while complementing their taekwondo practice. Every day at Dragon Taekwondo feels like a field trip, ensuring an exciting and engaging environment for the kids.

We’re thrilled to meet you and welcome your kids to join us at Dragon Taekwondo for an exciting and enriching after-school journey.