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Little Dragon

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Little Dragons are our martial arts classes for children aged four to six. These classes are designed to wholesomely aid your child’s physical and mental development. In addition to basic martial arts, children are encouraged to work on their confidence, self-control, respect, and perseverance.

Find out how kids’ martial arts classes build essential skills in children early on in their lives and why you should consider this program for your child.

What Taekwondo Techniques Does the Little Dragons Program Cover?

Little Dragon’s karate classes introduce children to everything martial arts has to offer. At such a young age, the instructors aren’t looking for children to complete techniques perfectly; rather, the goal is to build foundational knowledge. Children will learn stances and movements, punches and kicks, and how to block and dodge opponent movements.

All in all, the classes are fun and engaging. Children learn Taekwondo techniques, but more than that, they improve their sense of balance, coordination, and concentration.

  • Kicks

Children will learn the correct technique for kicking, allowing them to work on their martial arts technique. This is done using strike pads and kick pads, ensuring children don’t injure themselves. An instructor will offer real-time feedback on timing, technique, and how children can better balance themselves.

  • Sparring Techniques

Sparring techniques typically involve front and back hand punches, though they may also involve back leg kicks. Again, instructors aren’t looking for perfect form; their focus is for children to learn the correct techniques.

  • Vocal Training

Being vocal is an important part of Taekwondo. Children learn to be clear and assertive in their shouts. The shouts also serve as an intimidation technique, adding another tool to their self-defense belt. For children who tend to stay quiet, this is a great way to break out of their shells and become comfortable using their voice.

  • Attention

When instructors call little dragons to attention, children are expected to take on a focused pose that demonstrates concentration. Children then bow as per Taekwondo tradition to show respect, demonstrate the stance to show their readiness for action, and then take the sparring stance.

Perfection isn’t Our Focus

Kids martial arts classes aren’t about training them to the standard of black belts–they are about helping children prepare for the white belt and take the next step when they are ready.

These formative classes will outline your child’s Taekwondo journey, so working with a reliable martial arts school is critical. The role of instructors cannot be understated, as they will be the ones to inspire your children to improve and commit to their journey in Taekwondo.

Your preferred school should have qualified instructors, top-notch facilities, and a reputation for excellence. Take the time to tour their facility before enrolling your child; give yourself the chance to assess the instructors’ attitudes towards participants, how well equipped the facility is, and the overall environment.

Learn About Our Little Dragons Program

Dragon Taekwondo is the premier school for Little Dragons’ karate. Click here to learn more about our program or get in touch with us today. We ensure a safe, friendly, and encouraging environment, helping every child to learn at their own pace.