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Empowering Children with After-School Martial Arts Programs

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No parent wants to think about situations where their child needs to defend themselves physically. However, with the threat of bullying at school and dangers outside of school, it is vitally important that your child knows self-defense skills. A Taekwondo after-school program can help with that.

Numerous parents turn to martial arts for their children to learn self-defense. Find out how after-school martial arts can help your child feel confident about standing up for themselves, if necessary.

Martial Arts After-School Programs Teach Core Self-Defense Skills

Though martial arts are much more than just fighting techniques, defensive training is a core facet of this discipline. After-school martial arts near me will teach your children how to punch and kick effectively, as well as the correct forms to maximize impact while minimizing risk to themselves.

Children also learn to become aware of their surroundings and how to avoid danger. Again, the goal of martial arts after-school programs is not to encourage children to become physical but rather to understand unsafe situations and prepare for confrontation. The best self-defense strategy is to avoid conflict when possible.

Classes also teach children how to make use of their voice. They learn to communicate assertively, verbal self-defense techniques, and controlled shouting to intimidate an opponent.

Finally, the after-school martial arts near me will help your children learn to block attacks during their training. Since they will learn in a safe and controlled environment, they can observe how a physical confrontation evolves, what the potential vulnerabilities are in defense, and how they can protect themselves.

Basically, practicing martial arts reduces the element of surprise a person experiences in a fight. Instead of getting confused about how to fight and fend for themselves, your child will know what to do to keep themselves safe.

Raise Physical Fitness

After-school martial arts ensures children accomplishes one hour of physical exercise, which is the minimum requirement according to Health Canada. Martial arts after-school programs are physically strenuous, which helps children build stamina, strength, and speed. These movements will result in a natural strengthening of muscles and the body’s core, which can benefit your child in other ways. Moreover, once children learn the value of physical fitness, they tend to retain fitness habits as they grow older.

The Benefits of Self-Defense in After-School Programs

One of the key attributes in self-defense is confidence, specifically, having the confidence that you can defend yourself. It allows children to remain claim in stressful situations, control their emotions, and respond rationally. Confidence alone will often help keep bullies and predators away from your child.

Bullies typically target those who appear to be weak and unsure of themself. If someone shows that they are willing to stand up for themselves, they are less likely to deal with the negative effects of bullying.

Dragon Taekwondo: The Perfect Martial Arts After-School Program

At Dragon Taekwondo, we take pride in helping children take the first step towards Taekwondo and refine their skills. Our instructors have trained over 500 black belts, and we help students compete at the highest international levels of Taekwondo.

Give your child the skills they need to gain confidence, take command of themselves, and stay in control of their surroundings. Reach out to us today to learn more.