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Four Little Dragon Martial Arts Ideas

Little Dragon

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We run kids’ taekwondo classes for “little dragons.” These are children from four to six. While young children are still developing their interests and personalities, there are things you can do to support their interest in martial arts and other goals for their development that are enhanced by martial arts. Here are some of our best ideas to help you support your little dragons, other than by enrolling them in karate classes for kids.

After Class Debriefing

One of the best ways to encourage your child’s interest in anything is simply to talk to them about it. For young children, who may not remember much about the class a few days later, the best time to talk to them about it is right after. Having a little dragons karate class debriefing on the ride home or when you get home is a great idea. Ask your child how their class went, what they learned, what they are trying to improve, or other questions about martial arts.

This is a good practice for parents who don’t know much about martial arts because it doesn’t require you know anything, and you can learn a bit with your child. It’s always fun to learn something with your child and witness their wonder and joy.

Watch Competitions

You can also explore your child’s interest in any martial arts by watching competitions together. This can help you share in the martial arts experience, especially if you don’t want to participate in martial arts yourself. There are many opportunities to watch taekwondo in person and we can let you know when competitions are coming up. You can also watch televised taekwondo, like during the Olympics.

Attend Open Classes Together

We offer an all-belts family class on the weekend that you and your children can attend. Right now, that class is Saturday, from 10 am to 11 am.

Don’t Compare or Override

Sometimes what you don’t do is as important as what you choose not to do. Comparing your child’s performance in class to other children or trying to override the instructor with tips or guidance to your child during class can undermine their enthusiasm for taekwondo.

Little Dragons Taekwondo with Dragon Taekwondo

Are you interested in signing your child up for karate classes for kids? We offer kids’ taekwondo instead. You can sign your child up for our little dragons’ classes or participate with them in open classes. Reach out to us today.