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Getting the Most out of After-School Karate

After-School Karate

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Children need to be supervised after school and we believe that a quality after-school program offers your children more than just a safe environment with adult supervision. Instead, we believe that you can get more with quality after-school karate classes. Discover how your child can benefit from a program with a more substantial and thoughtful curriculum with our after-school programs in Oakville.

Safe Travel

Our staff is well trained and undergoes police background checks to ensure that they can provide your children with safe travel from school to the dojo. We have cameras in all the vehicles we use for this purpose to ensure they are safe. Another staff member will greet your child at the facility and all children have their temperature taken and their hands sanitized before they come in. We go to great lengths to ensure your child is always in a safe environment.

Focus, Respect, and Values

Sometimes the values you learn are more important than physical skills. Taekwondo emphasizes good values as part of every stance, move and kick. With us, your child will spend a significant part of their after-school time having the values of discipline, respect, and focus reinforced. Taekwondo naturally has great values, and we make sure to emphasize them to our students.

Physical Fitness  

Gym class is great, but it doesn’t exactly instill most children with the habit of exercising on their own. Participating in after-school programs can help children realize that exercise is something you should invest your time into even when you’re not being graded on it. Plus, taekwondo is a good, well-rounded exercise that will help them develop all manner of physical skills, including balance, endurance, strength, range of motion, and coordination.

Homework Support

Teachers very often give homework that needs parent support all the time. But the last thing you want to do is spend your precious moments with your child fussing over homework for hours. We can support your child so they can complete their homework here with us.

Get More from After-School Karate Classes

We offer after-school programs Oakville that offer your child more than the average program. We care about our impact on your children and positively fostering their development is important to us, whether through taekwondo or homework support. Reach out to us to discuss how to register your child for our classes.