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How a Black Belt in Taekwondo Helps Develop Character

Black Belt in Taekwondo

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You might frequently hear from black belt academies for taekwondo that martial arts and earning a black belt specifically help children (and even adults) develop and refine their character. How can a simple physical practice help you become a better person? Someone who is more focused, disciplined, and in charge of their self-image? We’ve seen many children and people grow through getting a black belt in taekwondo, even if they started off as pretty good people


1. Black Belts are Personal

 There are no public wins, goal-scoring, or glory-hogging in martial arts. Everything that you accomplish, you do on your own schedule and for yourself. There is still a public appreciation for achievements, of course. But it is not the same kind of environment as team sports, where one person or child seems to take more of the credit for a win, or a loss, than others. Black belts are always personal, and that helps you focus on yourself.

 2. Balanced Challenge

 When something is too easy, you don’t grow to accomplish it. When something is too hard, it is also hard to take away a lesson. This is especially true for children. Taekwondo offers balanced challenges, where you always face an appropriate level of difficulty to feel like you are truly accomplishing something and not getting bored or discouraged.

 3. Years of Effort

 Unlike so many short-term things, a black belt is a long-term goal that takes years of effort. You’ll have many opportunities to face and overcome challenges.

 4. The Values of Taekwondo

 Taekwondo values things that naturally build good character. We don’t just learn physical skills; we also learn self-discipline, hard work, control, balance, and more positive character attributes. Our taekwondo school cares about these values more than most.

 5. The Destination is Not the Reward

 Getting a black belt is not the final step in taekwondo, or any martial art, even though it sounds like it is. As you grow and mature in your taekwondo practice, you realize that a black belt is a demonstration that you are competent in all areas of taekwondo but not a master. After the black belt, you begin to teach others while still improving your own skills.

Black Belt Academy for Taekwondo

 Taekwondo is an enriching practice that will help your child develop character or can help you on your journey to wellness. Contact us to sign up today.