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4 Things to Do with Your Kids During Winter Break

Winter Camps

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Interested in “a winter break camp near me?” You don’t have to rely on an organization to provide that Christmas-break camp experience for your kids. You can try to create your own fun winter activities at home, or head out to many of the same places that our winter camp in Oakville and Milton visits. Here are some fun activities to do with your kids this winter, whether or not they have a spot at a camp.

  1. Rock Climbing

For older children, rock climbing is a fun experience that challenges them both mentally and physically. You can start with simple challenges, like just getting up the wall, but as children grow in skill there is much more to learn about rock climbing. There are different techniques and holds that can help your child develop advanced coordination, strength, and flexibility.

  1. Nerf Wars

Thinking of an activity that is a little less stressful? Playing with nerf guns is a great way to engage children of all ages in some less-structured play. While it can be hard to find the space to play with nerf toys outdoors in winter, there are great indoor options in Oakville and Milton that your family can enjoy. We have the space here at Dragon Taekwondo, and it is part of our winter break camp curriculum.

  1. Outdoor Games

It might be cold and snowy out, but that won’t stop most children from having fun, at least for a little while. Be sure your children get in all those essential outdoor activities, from building snowmen and snow forts to having some snowball fights.

  1. Christmas Crafts

What is the holiday season without some crafts? Children of any cultural background can enjoy making cards for their loved ones for their specific holiday celebration. The best part for mom and dad is that once the children are at a reasonable age, many Christmas crafts can be completely hands-off. This way, you can get your wrapping done at the same time!

Winter Camps Near Me

If you’re in Oakville or Milton, Ontario, you can sign your kids up for the winter break camp at Dragon Taekwondo. Not only do we offer taekwondo, but our participants also enjoy a wide range of other activities fitting for a Christmas Break Camp. Contact us today.