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Outdoor Birthday Party Themes Your Kid will Love

Kids Birthday Party

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Are you holding a birthday party in Oakville for your child? Many kid’s birthday party places will let you bring in your own theme to make the birthday more memorable. Why not take the opportunity to find a great theme that your kid will love? We have some ideas to start you off on the right foot.

Minecraft Parties

Don’t shy away from picking a videogame theme for your kid’s party, even if you’re not that familiar with it. There are plenty of resources online to teach you a bit about the game. Minecraft is a great one to choose because the décor can be easily printed off from your home computer due to its simple 8-bit art style.

Mythical Creature Party

It’s no secret that little girls like unicorns and boys like dragons. Try out some other mythical creatures that might appeal to your children, from phoenixes to trolls. If your child happens to be into a fantasy series, from Harry Potter to Percy Jackson, you can incorporate the mythical creatures specifically from those series.

Snow and Ice Birthday Party

A winter birthday party in Oakville lends well to a snowy theme. Snow can be a ton of fun for kids. Just think of the kid’s activities offered at winter carnivals in Ottawa and elsewhere. Snow castles, skating, and drinking hot chocolate are all great options. 

Slime or Mud Party

Plenty of young boys and girls like to play with slime (the toy, that is). Kid’s birthday parties always get a little messy anyway, so why not lean into it? If you don’t want to buy the product for your party but still think the mess would be appealing to your child, you could try a mud theme. Think the Mud Run but geared towards children instead of adult marathon runners.

Pirate Birthday Party

Most kid’s party places have seen their fair share of pirate birthday parties. The theme is popular because it’s awfully fun both for kids and for adults who are into decorating, making costumes, and talking like pirates. The theme also lends itself well to photos. You’re sure to remember a pirate-themed party.

Choose Dragon Taekwondo for Your Kid’s Birthday Party

We take the hassle out of holding kids’ birthday parties. Bring your theme ideas and your décor to us, and we’ll handle the actual hosting, directing, and cleaning up that a good birthday party involves. Contact us now to learn more about our birthday party packages.