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Best Summer Camps for Kids in Milton, ON

Martial Arts Training for Kids at Oakville Summer Camp

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You have a world of choice when it comes to Milton summer camps. There are plenty of enriching experiences out there that can make your kid’s summer memorable.

But, not all camps are created equal, from cost to experience. Below, we’ve collected a list of our favourite summer camps for you to consider for your child. 

Empow’s STEM Camp

This is one of the most technologically savvy summer camps in Milton. There are actually several different options available, so you can choose the experience that your child will like the most. Options include:

  • 3D arts and architecture exploration
  • Tech and design exploration
  • Coding exploration
  • Coding expedition
  • Coding with python 101 & 102
  • Minecraft exploration
  • Minecraft expedition

These are mostly day camps so that you can sign your kids up for multiple experiences.

CreateU! Camps

What if your child is a more hands-on kind of person, or you just want to pull them away from the computer for a bit? Then the CreateU! Camps may be right for you. Their signature camp experience combines three key kinds of experiences: adventure, creativity, and mindfulness.

The adventure games include scavenger hunts, riddles, and a version of the “Amazing Race.” Creative pursuits include art, music, and dance. Lastly, kids also need time to cool down, so they can explore yoga and mindfulness.

Dragon Taekwondo Summer Camp

Free-form experiences are okay, but sometimes kids need more structure and challenge. The Taekwondo  Milton summer camps from Dragon Taekwondo deliver both.

Taekwondo is fun and can be scaled to suit kids of all ages. Not only will your kids benefit from the physical and mental challenges of Taekwondo, but they’ll also get to experience field trips to other locations. Those might include:

  • Ripley’s Aquarium
  • Skating
  • Bowling
  • African Lion Safari
  • Playdium
  • Ontario Science Center
  • Laser Quest
  • Indoor Trampoline Park
  • Glow in the Dark Mini Putt

Taekwondo is an excellent activity, but of course, your child needs variety to keep things fun. We also offer other activities such as gymnastics, arts and crafts, Nerf wars, virtual games, outdoor games, and more.

Summer Day Kid’s Camp at Dragon Taekwondo

Are you ready to sign your child up for a summer day kid’s camp? There are many options out there, but our camp at Dragon Taekwondo is well worth checking out. Reach out to our staff to ask your questions about the camp or to enroll now.