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Unforgettable Birthday Parties for People of All Ages

Birthday Parties

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At Dragon Taekwondo Academy, we know how to throw an unforgettable birthday party. It’s no wonder why children and parents love coming back to us! Our birthday parties are fun, educational, and unique from other birthday party ideas.

Find out why we are the go-to destination for fun children’s parties.

Why Our Birthday Parties Are a Hit with Children of All Ages

Martial Arts Class

All children enjoy a 45-minute martial arts class led by a certified instructor. It’s a fun, engaging experience where the children get a taste of Taekwondo and play. We also offer 15 minutes of martial arts circuit training for birthday parties in Milton. It’s something the children will talk about for days afterwards.

Everyone Loves Pizza

There’s nothing like ending a physically challenging, yet exciting, class with a slice of pizza. For families who decide on our Diamond package, we will arrange to order pizza just in time for when the kids are finishing up with our instructors.

Board Breaking

That’s right! The birthday child will get to live their superhero dream by breaking a board in two. The activity is carefully supervised by our instructors, ensuring it is performed safely and successfully.

Special Gifts

Every guest will receive a Special VIP Card, which entitles them to one week of complimentary martial arts classes at Dragon Taekwondo Academy in Milton or Oakville. The birthday child will receive a special present from us too! Why does the fun have to stop at the end of the birthday party?

Become an Assistant Instructor for the Day

It’s their special day, and we really make your child feel like the guest of honour. Your child becomes an assistant instructor for the day, regardless of their Taekwondo experience, making them an essential part of the team.

Why Parents Love Our Birthday Parties in Milton

All-Inclusive and Hassle-Free

No need to worry about arranging décor, organizing activities, or the clean-up that comes afterward! We take care of everything from balloons to games. All you need to do is bring your camera and sit back and relax with your guests.

No More Hunting for Birthday Party Ideas

You don’t need to spend hours trying to find fun party ideas. We’ll provide a memorable experience for the birthday child and your guests alike. Our instructors will take care of planning activities, ensuring plenty of playtime and fun.

Three Packages to Choose From

It’s your child’s party, so you’re in charge of how much you want to spend. We offer three party packages–Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. You can choose the number of guests and the type of food you want as well. You can even opt for Laser Tag and Nerf War!

Home of Epic Children’s Birthday Parties

At Dragon Taekwondo Academy, we make birthdays fun, educational, and unforgettable. Your child will get to enjoy a memorable day and be the center of attention, while your guests will experience the world of Taekwondo and enjoy it in a safe space.

To book your child’s birthday with us, talk to us today. Our team can tell you more about our birthdays and how we will make your day special.