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Seamless Development: Before and After School Programme That Nurtures Young Minds

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Grade school years are some of the most important for building valuable life skills. However, studies have found young children spend up to 3 hours and 29 minutes on screens; while teens spend around 6 hours on screens! That’s where before & after-school programs are such game changers. Find out how structured programs after school help children build vital life skills and unleash their full potential.

Benefits of Before & After-School Programs

Make Friends Outside School

Instead of just mingling with a familiar group of school friends, children learn to make new friends by interacting with children of other ages at an after-school program. The program offers a great opportunity to build essential social skills, learn how to talk to people, start conversations, work in teams, and more.

Build a Greater Sense of Worth

Studies have found children who spend time at programs after school tend to have a higher sense of self-worth, as well as better concentration and motivation. These characteristics translate into higher earning potential, too.

Fewer Worries for Busy Parents

Being a parent is no easy task! You have to drop your child off at school, pick them up, and make sure they’re safe and supervised. Programs at the end of the school day ensure your child spends time when you can’t watch them in a safe environment, not out roaming about or home alone.

At Dragon Taekwondo Academy, children can get help with their homework too, which ensures they spend their time meaningfully. It isn’t all work and no play, however. With our indoor Ninja obstacle course, our after-school participants also get to become ninjas! The course challenges participants, which makes physical activity a blast.

Before & After-School Programs Build Strong, Fertile Minds

Martial arts have been shown to improve academic performance and cognitive ability. In addition, your child will spend time learning a valuable skill instead of spending their time on a screen.

Our Programs Are More Than Just Exercise

Movement is extremely important for children’s development and understanding of building positive habits as they grow older. That said, only 24% of children aged 6-17 get the recommended one hour of physical activity every day. Our Milton after-school program makes exercise fun and engaging, from taking taekwondo classes with our instructors to leaping around on the Ninja obstacle course.

Why Choose Our After-School Program?

Learn From Professional Instructors

Your child will learn from qualified martial arts instructors who bring years of experience and has trained more than 1,000 students. We provide personalized attention to ensure your child gets the most out of the program, while allowing your child to learn at their own pace.

Safety First

At Dragon Taekwondo Academy, a culture of safety is ingrained into everyone. From instructors to staff, we work to ensure a safe space for all children. We ensure the equipment is fastidiously maintained, and instructors are vigilant about monitoring every child.

Flexibility for Families

Modern life is busy, which is why our Milton after-school programs offer class timings that fit conveniently into your hectic schedules. We offer pick-up options too to make your schedule a little bit lighter. Another bonus for families is that our before and after-school programs are exempt from HST taxes, which saves 13% on overall costs. For more information, contact us today.

A Brighter Future Starts Here

Find out how our program helps children build confidence, interact better, and unlock their full potential. Talk to us to learn more about our programs.

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