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What You Need to Know About Teaching Karate to Kids

Little Dragon

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As a parent, you might be curious about what goes into teaching kids about any type of martial art, including karate. There is more to running a kids karate class than just knowing the martial art and having been in a few competitions.

At Dragon Taekwondo, we put a lot of effort into our classes and make sure that they enrich children. We offer Little Dragons classes for children under five, and these kids gain not only physical health but disciple and self-esteem from Taekwondo. Here’s what you need to know.

We Have Well-Trained Staff

Our staff know more than just Taekwondo. We offer comprehensive training for our instructors that prepares them to coach children and act as their mentors, not their babysitters. Our staff can take complex Taekwondo concepts and make them simple for young children. They adjust challenge levels for different levels of skill and support each child’s unique perspective.

Our staff have huge accomplishments in the Taekwondo world but also have accomplishments as mentors to young people and young champions.

It’s About More Than Moving

If you’re not too familiar with the world of Taekwondo you might think it is all about movement. In fact, Taekwondo also has a set of values and we teach that to children. Young children focus on concepts like respect, listening skills, and supporting one another.

Due to this, as they grow, our little dragons will learn discipline, hard work, how to focus on one’s own skills, and self-confidence. Taekwondo offers children valuable lessons that will help them in many different areas of their life.

Martial Arts is Good for Physical Development

Martial arts are incredible for teaching children a wide range of physical skills. At each age level, children’s balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and explosive power are all challenged and developed.

Your child will learn how to be more in tune with their own body and perform complex movements, even in competition. Plus, they will come away with a love for exercise that will help them maintain their health their whole lives.

We Offer Martial Arts for Kids in Milton

Want to learn more about our philosophy to teach children martial arts? We would be happy to talk to you about it. You can meet the instructors before you sign your child up for classes and hear all about our perspectives on what makes children’s Taekwondo classes great.

Reach out to us at Dragon Taekwondo in Milton today for kids martial arts.