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After-School Program Ideas for All Ages and Abilities

After-School Program

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It’s common for parents not to have a perfect overlap between their work hours and their children’s school hours. That’s where before and after-school programs come in. We supervise your children in a safe and enriching environment during the hours when you need it.

Our after-school program in Milton makes use of all sorts of fun activities, not just Taekwondo, to keep your child occupied and engaged. What if you want to try some of those activities at home? Here are some program ideas that you can try.

Paper Bag Puppets

This classic craft activity has been popular for a long time because kids love it, and they can hold a puppet show afterward. Just get paper bags and an assortment of craft supplies such as googly eyes, straws, ribbons, buttons, and pencil crayons.

Write Fairy Tales

Creative children who are old enough to write will love to write their own fairy tales. We suggest that you create writing prompts and place them in a jar. Let each child pick out their own and write a one-page story about it.

Rainbow Toast

Sometimes, kids can play with their food. It’s fun to paint on bread because then children get to eat their creations. All you need to do is get some sweetened condensed milk, divide it into smaller containers, and then colour it with food colouring. Children can then use these like paints on a piece of bread. Toast it when they’re done and let them eat it.

Household Scavenger Hunts

You can still have a scavenger hunt even when the weather outside is not great. Simply have one inside of the home instead! You can hide objects for the children and let them find them. If you want, you can make the hunt themed, or even practical. It’s good for kids to know where some things are, like the emergency flashlight or your emergency supplies.

Backyard Obstacle Course

When you can’t get to our ninja obstacle course, it is a great idea to make one in your own backyard. You can set out objects for the kids to hop over, or to stand on and hop between. Include things like jumping rope or stretch stations.

After-School Programs in Milton

We put a lot of work into our after-school curriculum and provide more than simple activities to enrich your child. We provide homework support and an enriching curriculum that includes learning about internet safety and how to prevent bullying.

Register your child for our Milton after-school program today.