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Winter Break Camps to Keep Your Kids Busy

Winter Break Camp

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Are you searching for the right winter break camp in Milton for your children? We have a vibrant community full of unique opportunities to enrich your child over the Christmas break. It’s common for families to sign their kids up to multiple or different camps over the holidays in order to give them new experiences and time to make new friends.

Plus, for busy families, it is often important to have something for the kids to do during the winter. Bored children often get into trouble! Here are some of the best Christmas break camps available in the area.

Dragon Taekwondo Winter Break Camp

Taekwondo teaches so many things, from discipline to physical endurance. However, a Taekwondo winter break camp offers even more than that. Ours includes a ton of fun events, including rock climbing, gymnastics, arts and crafts, outdoor games, virtual games, and much more. We focus on letting children have fun while also helping them gain essential skills and values that will guide them for the rest of their life.

Milton Springers Gymnastics

Gymnastics is another great way for your child to pass the Christmas holidays. Your child does not need to have done gymnastics before in order to join Milton Springers Gymnastics. Here, they can experience using a trampoline and many other fun gymnastic activities.

First Ontario Arts Centre Milton

Do you have a budding star in your household? The First Ontario Arts Centre in Milton has a wide variety of camps over the winter that can help your child develop skills in drama and performance.

Milton Soccer Academy

Yes, there is soccer during the winter, but indoors. If your child already enjoys summer soccer, then signing them up for a soccer winter break camp in Milton can be a real treat. The Milton Soccer Academy has some options.

The Cube School

Did you know that there are some winter break camps that are offered purely online? The Cube School is one good option. It teaches STEM topics, and your child can sign in right from your living room. It’s a good option for families that will have supervision available at home.

Join Our Christmas Break Camp

Dragon Taekwondo offers a high-quality and highly sought-after winter break camp. Focusing on more than just Taekwondo, we can help your child start off their new year with more confidence and skill. Plus, they’ll make new friends. Contact us today to get your child registered.