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What Kinds of Martial Arts Are Ideal for Women Over 30?

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Curious about getting into martial arts? If you’re a woman over the age of 30 you might feel like you wouldn’t fit in at a martial arts class. But you’d actually be welcomed at a dojo! Women are just as capable of learning martial arts, including taekwondo, as men are. Being over 30 is typically not an issue. If you’re currently out of shape, even online martial arts training will help you get more fit. So, which one is best for you? That depends on what you want. We explain more below.

  • For Fitness: Any Martial Art:

Women who primarily want to pursue martial art for fitness could improve their strength and cardio with essentially any martial art. If that’s your primary goal, then you should try out several martial arts and just see which ones you enjoy the most. Afterall, the best workout is one that you want to stick with, and you want to challenge yourself with.

  • For Self Defense: Judo or Taekwondo:

Women who want to learn a martial art for self defense have a few options. Judo is normally suggested  because it teaches you to use your opponent’s weight against them. This means that you’ll be more prepared for confrontations with men who are larger than you. Smaller stature is normally a disadvantage.

Taekwondo can help you with self defense as it’s a powerful way to shock and dissuade an attacker right out of the gate. We recommend that you stay away from online martial arts training if self defense is your main goal, as you’ll need to practice your skills with an opponent.

  • For Competition: Taekwondo:

Are you the type of person who enjoys achievement and competition? Then taekwondo may be the martial art for you. We have many exciting options for taekwondo competitions right here in Milton and Oakville, plus other opportunities across the province. If you’re interested, you can even end up participating on the world stage. Taekwondo is an Olympic sport.

  • For Skill Development: Any Martial Art:

There are other kinds of athletes who just want to achieve growth in a sport for their own personal sense of fulfillment and progress. If that’s what you’re looking for, you can achieve that sense with essentially any martial art.

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