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Dragon Taekwondo is a premier martial arts academy offering a wide range of Taekwondo classes. One of our highly anticipated activities is our summer camp for kids and pre-teens. Throughout the program, your children learn valuable martial arts skills that train their minds and bodies.

What sets our Taekwondo summer camp apart from other Milton and Oakville summer camps is that we offer all our fun activities right in our locations!

This year all our summer camp activities take place in house so they will have fun and stay safe, in a controlled sanitary environment. 

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Dragon Taekwondo Awards
Dragon Taekwondo Awards

Our summer martial arts camp is open to students from 4 to 12 years old. We teach the basics of self-defense and weapon training. More than just martial arts, we also offer other summer camp activities, such as: 

Why Enroll Your Child in Dragon Taekwondo’s Oakville and Milton Summer Programs?

Beyond Taekwondo and other physical activities, our summer camps in Oakville and Milton teach students life lessons that they can carry with them even after the program. From boosting self-confidence as they learn new and cool tricks to developing lifelong friendships through team building activities, students are given a well-rounded opportunity to develop themselves. 

Our staff is well-trained to make sure that no child gets left out and everyone is happy throughout the camp. They are also experts at all the games, activities, and courses. We specifically choose staff who enjoy being around kids and have the same level of compassion and care of a parent or older sibling, thus giving you the assurance that your children are well taken care of.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Milton and Oakville Summer Camps and Taekwondo Classes

Over the past decade, we’ve offered various Taekwondo classes for different ages and skillsets. We take pride in producing award-winning athletes who have participated in local, national, and international competitions. Our summer day camps used to be for kids who prefer learning martial arts during school breaks. But in recent years, we’ve incorporated several other activities to make the program more enjoyable for everyone.

Both Oakville and Milton camps have state-of-the-art facilities and obstacle courses built with safety and fun in mind. These are regularly maintained and sanitized so everyone can readily use them. You can expect something new each year from Dragon Taekwondo. Our team works hard to develop unique programs and activities for kids to look forward to every summer. You can’t miss out on some of Dragon Taekwondo’s summer camp traditions. Sign your kids up today 

Frequently Asked Questions

Your kids are going to be so excited about summer camp, but also probably nervous. How do you prepare them? Tell them ahead of time and give them the space to express their concerns and worries to you. Sometimes gentle reminders from parents are all that is needed to help your child be confident.

You should also be sure to get a copy of the events planned for the camp. Be sure to provide the necessary materials like sunscreen for outdoor activities, swimsuits for pools or splash pads, etc.

Packing for summer camp is a delicate balance. You want your child to be prepared, but you also don’t want them to have too many objects and especially not those that are dangerous, or which may distract them from the camp. Outside games and toys aren’t typically a good idea. Be sure to speak with an official for the camp if you have any concerns about specific items.

At our summer camps, your child will enjoy lots of enriching physical activities, especially focusing on taekwondo, but not limited to it or martial arts in general. We also take our campers on trips to other enriching places.

Going to a summer camp offers your child benefits of all kinds: physical, mental, and emotional. They’ll make friends, have inspiring experiences, and learn about themselves. At Dragon Taekwondo we offer an emphasis on great values, like dedication and hard work that your child will benefit from.

Most summer camps last roughly one week. You can speak with one of our team members to find the exact length of any of the camps we are offering.

Sometimes your child can’t attend a summer camp in person. Illness, life circumstances and other issues may all make it impossible for your child to attend a camp, even temporarily. But your child still deserves to have a fun summer experience, which is why online summer camps are so important.

A summer camp is a program for children that is designed to supplement their growth and development while school is out. Some summer camps have facilities for children to stay over each night and “camp” out. Other camps have parents pick up their children every night and drop them back off for the next day.

If you went to a summer camp, it likely provided you with some of your favorite memories. Summer camps give children the great opportunity to grow outside of home or school, make new friends, and learn life-long skills, all in a safe and supervised environment.

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