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Camps for Kids in Oakville and Milton

A good kid’s summer camp has lots of physical exercise, new friends, challenges, and enriching activities that build skills children will keep long after they leave. At Dragon Taekwondo, we offer just that kind of kid’s summer camp in Oakville and Milton. If you’re considering any kind of camp, from karate camps for kids to art camp, you should consider ours. We offer much more than just the normal physical outlet you might expect from a Taekwondo camp.

More Than a Summer Kid’s Camp

Kids Camps in Dragon Taekwondo

Our Taekwondo summer camp has been carefully crafted to offer children an enriching and exciting experience. Taekwondo itself offers children a wide range of skill-building opportunities. You can expect your children to learn more physical and mental skills, such as:

Taekwondo offers a safe and engaging environment for children to learn to challenge themselves and to work with a new peer group to solve problems and have fun. No matter their age, your child will find that as they grow, taekwondo continues to challenge them, not just physically but also to live by the great values our martial art is founded upon.

More Than Taekwondo

No single activity can fulfill a child’s curiosity. That’s why we’ve constructed our children’s camps with fun outings in mind. Unlike other summer camps in Oakville and Milton, we bring children to other locations for more fun activities, including:

Activities depend on the season. Our holiday camps for kids and our March Break kid’s camps may go on very different outings. You can always reach out to us to find out what fun adventures we have planned for your children for the upcoming camp.

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Our highly trained staff create a safe, fun, and enriching camp experience that your child will be happy to return to year after year. If you’re searching for “camps for kids near me,” and you live in Oakville or Milton, you’ve found a great option at Dragon Taekwondo. Reach out to us to discuss our spring camps for kids as well as our winter break camps for kids.

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