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Learn Martial Arts in Oakville at Dragon Taekwondo Academy

Dragon Taekwondo Academy Oakville offers premier taekwondo instruction for both kids and adults. Founded in 2010 by Master Shakeel Chaudhry, the Academy aims to share the benefits of martial arts and help every individual reach their full potential.

Having trained all over the world with some of the top Grandmasters and Olympic coaches, Master Shak proudly offers exceptional taekwondo in Oakville through a series of high-quality programs that help each student be the best they can be.

Whether you enroll in our Oakville camps or our flexible weekly programs, Dragon Taekwondo has earned a reputation for providing first-class martial arts training from top-quality instructors. Our team is second to none. Our certified coaches can lead you or your child to a higher level of physical fitness, mental strength, and increased self-confidence.

Options For Taekwondo In Oakville

Located on Speers Road in Oakville, we have 10 years of experience teaching martial arts to adults and kids of all ages. Every student who participates in our programs will learn how to achieve outstanding results by working hard and pushing past their perceived limits.

It’s time to make the most out of the hours in your day and spend less time sitting and watching the world go by. If you’re looking for after school programs in Oakville that will improve your child’s fitness levels and help them realize their potential, we can help.

In addition to our after school and regular weekly programs, we also offer:

How to Find a Taekwondo Summer Camp Near Me

When you enroll your child in our Oakville camps, they’ll not only gain the benefits of martial arts or karate, but they’ll also take part in a variety of fun activities every day. Our comprehensive summer camp program will teach children, ages 4 to 15, valuable martial arts skills in a safe environment led by well trained and professional staff.

Dragon Taekwondo’s camps help develop character, instill valuable life lessons, and provide the opportunity to participate in field trips to fun and educational places. Through martial arts, your child will enhance their self-confidence and their physical strength, all while making new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

No need to search ‘taekwondo summer camp near me’; we’ve got the best camp program your kids could ask for! In addition to summer camps, ask about our winter and spring camp options.

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Your Kids Will Thrive At Dragon Taekwondo Academy Oakville

Whether you choose karate, after school, or summer camp programs, your children will learn basic taekwondo blocks, punches, and kicks in a fun and safe atmosphere. Add in obstacle courses, high-energy music, skill-based activities, and games, and you’ll witness incredible opportunities for your child to learn and grow.

Every one of our unique programs offers real Taekwondo experience, which will teach your child the life skills of respect, discipline, focus, integrity, and honesty. They’ll be improving their mental and physical wellbeing while having fun and learning to celebrate and feel proud of their accomplishments. Get started right away by booking a one week free trial of our award-winning martial arts programs.

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