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Enriching Beyond the Bell: Unveiling the Wonders of After-School Programs

After school program

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It is very common for children to arrive home from school before their parents have come home from work, which means there is a varying amount of time that they are home alone and unsupervised. While many children are old enough to take care of themselves, it is also common for parents to be concerned about the way that they spend this time.

If you’re looking for a way to guarantee that your children are using the time that they have after school in a productive way, it’s time to consider the benefits of after-school programs. In this blog, we will uncover why martial arts after-school programs are so popular.

Benefits of After-School Programs

Improve Social Skills by Making New Friends

Engaging in programs such as after-school karate classes gives children the opportunity to interact with peers who are outside of their usual school friends. At Dragon TKD, we encourage teamwork and new relationships by planning group activities; the American Psychological Association found that children who participate in these types of activities are more likely to learn more and retain what they have learned more effectively.

Grow Through the Development of New Skills

Martial arts before and after school, swimming lessons, performing arts programs, and more are excellent ways to learn and develop new skills. Depending on the nature of the after-school program, the specific skills that your children learn may vary; however, they will also learn transferable skills, including discipline, focus, respect, collaboration, and determination. These skills will positively impact other areas of their life!

For example, after-school karate classes introduce your children to Taekwondo and other forms of martial arts, which improve balance, flexibility, focus, and mental dexterity, among other things. Our instructors help your child develop the ability to perform various movements and work towards goals.

Encourage Physical Activity

The American CDC recommends an hour of physical exercise for children every day. Though not all after-school classes can offer that, our martial arts after-school program does. Our participants spend a lot of time moving by learning martial arts techniques and participating in fun group activities. Such programs are especially beneficial during winter, as it can be difficult to spend a lot of time outdoors.

Access a Supportive, Supervised Environment

Many parents worry about the unsupervised time that their children may have after school; a simple solution is to enroll them in an after-school program. They will be able to have a snack, work on their homework, interact with friends, and stay active while being supervised by trained instructors. Instead of being home alone, your children will have access to a supportive and supervised environment.

At Dragon TKD, your child is supervised by attentive instructors who have many years of combined training and experience. Not only do they provide martial arts training and guidance, but they also ensure your child has eaten and dedicated time to their homework!

Learn a Sense of Achievement

From earning new belts to mastering new moves, children are taught how to work towards achievement during our after-school programs. They learn that when they put their mind to something and work hard at it, they can achieve their goals. This lesson helps to boost their self-esteem, discipline, and motivation.

About Dragon TKD’s After-School Classes

Our after-school classes are well-esteemed by children and parents alike. Both our Milton and Oakville locations offer after-school programs, while the Milton location also offers before-school programming too. We encourage children of all ages and levels of expertise to begin or continue their journey in martial arts with us at Dragon TKD.

We offer a safe, healthy atmosphere for every student and facilitate after-school pick-up! This means that parents aren’t required to transport their children from school to after-school programming, which commonly requires an early departure from work.

To learn more about our programs, click here. If you’re interested in visiting our facility, book a free tour here.