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Enriching Young Minds through Dynamic After-School Programs

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Children’s after-school programs are recognized for offering a wide range of benefits: cognitive, academic, physical, and behavioural. In this article, we look at how these programs can foster mental development and empower children in all aspects of their lives.

Five Ways After-School Programs Assist with Positive Development of Children and Adolescents

  1. Enhance Social Skills

Studies have found that after-school programs assist in the development of children’s social and personal skills. Specifically, children who attend such programs are more self-aware and display positive behaviors. However, not all programs have the same impact, which is why selecting the right program for your child is key. Dynamic programs, such as after-school martial arts classes, encourage socializing and building focus more so.

  1. Improve Executive Functioning

Executive function refers to the skills of planning, setting and meeting goals, and following complex instructions. Studies found that children who attend after-school programs show a “marked increase” in such functioning. These skills that children learn can help them in other areas of their lives, including academic achievements and personal development.

3. Support Academic Performance

A large study, comprising over 9,000 children, found that children who attended after-school programs were able to perform better in academic settings. It noted that evening classes continue social development after the school day and provide children with tutoring opportunities. After-school martial arts programs provide children the time they need to complete homework in a supportive environment. Martial arts instructors can help to answer any questions about schoolwork, and children are provided with the opportunity to rely on their peers for help as well.

4. Self-Expression and Talent Nurturing

The mental and cognitive benefits of programs extend far beyond academic performance. A Princeton University study found that after-school programs build children’s social and emotional learning skills (SEL). Positive instructor-child relationships are essential, as instructors can impart knowledge and positive attributes. This is one of the most important reasons why parents should find programs that give their children access to high-performing instructors.

At our Taekwondo after-school program, children learn from and interact with, martial arts masters. They discover how we train athletes to compete at the highest levels of Taekwondo and can observe the behaviors and actions taken to achieve this level of success.

Finding the Right After-School Program for Your Child

Every child has their own unique needs and interests, which is why each child responds differently to after-school programs. Taekwondo after-school programs are a great place for children to mingle with peers, build self-defense skills, and expand their interests.

Book a free tour of our facility or speak to us to learn more about our program. We offer free one-week trials, so your child can try the program without the worry of a long-term commitment.