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Elevating Summer Fun with Enriching and Exciting Milton Summer Camps

Milton Summer Camps

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With no school in July or August, children have an enormous amount of free time! To fill that time constructively, many parents turn to Milton summer camps. They are a great opportunity for children to learn new skills and grow personally, all while having oodles of fun! Find out what the top four Milton summer camps are and why you should consider them for your child.

A Quick Recap of Milton Summer Camps

Summer camps in Milton run during the long summer break children have between school years. Some camps offer a broad spectrum of activities, from art to hiking, while others are focused on one or more activities, such as learning a musical instrument. Camps are typically offered in one of two formats:

  • Day camps – Your child leaves for camp in the morning and returns in the evening. Day camps tend to follow school timing to maintain a sense of routine.
  • Overnight camps – You drop off your child at the beginning of the camp experience and pick them up once it is over.

Our Top Four Milton Summer Camps: Filling Your Kids’ Vacation with Fun and Learning

1. Taekwondo Summer Camp

Taekwondo summer camps focus on martial arts. Dragon Taekwondo’s camp is a popular day camp that provides children with a fun way to channel their energy. Children learn Taekwondo, participate in fun games, and go on field trips. Dragon Taekwondo also has Ontario’s only indoor ninja obstacle course at their facility, and the instructors are experienced Taekwondo masters. The best part for parents is that our summer camp is HST-exempt! Yes, you will receive a receipt for the fees.

2. All-in-One Milton Academy Summer Camp

Milton Academy’s summer camp offers an extended camp experience for children. With a wide range of activities on a rotating basis, this camp teaches everything from swimming to coding! Children can choose from a wide range of electives every day, allowing them to focus on activities they’re interested in.

3. Rocky Ridge Ranch

If you are looking for an overnight summer program in Milton that introduces your child to the outdoors, the Rocky Ridge Ranch is a good one to consider. Children participate in swimming, cooperative games, rope courses, horse riding, and more. One of the appeals of the camp is its low staff-to-children ratio, meaning every child receives personal attention.

4. YMCA Wanakita

YMCA Wanakita offers something for everyone!

Looking for a day camp? Check this out. Prefer an overnight camp? They have that, too!

This program provider offers a range of enriching activities for children. They offer family activities, too, if you want to spend the summer with your kids. Your child will get to mingle with lots of peers their own age, build social skills, spend time outdoors, and have lots of fun.

Our Taekwondo Summer Camp is Filling Fast

Our Milton summer camp is a popular option among children and parents. It follows a routine like schools, ensuring your children’s daily routine isn’t impacted. The camp also offers a great balance of martial arts and fun activities, which means your child gets to learn new skills and get the most out of their summer break.

We have limited seats available, but spots are filling up fast! To learn more about our program, get in touch with us today.