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Evening Classes: Illuminating Paths to Knowledge and Personal Growth

Evening class

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Greater self-esteem, better academic performance, and healthier lifestyles – there is a lot of science on the benefits of kids’ Taekwondo classes. That said, is sending your child to evening classes a wise idea? In this guide, we’ll highlight the advantages of evening martial arts classes for parents and their children.

What a Typical School Evening Looks Like

Once the school day is over, 62% of children, particularly those in their late teens, spend hours on social media instead of doing homework. Most children spend over five-and-a-half hours staring at their phones.

On top of that, only 24-26.1% of children get 60 minutes of exercise every day, which is the recommended daily minimum.

All in all, children struggle to make the best use of their time in the evenings without supervision, which is why martial arts classes can be extremely beneficial.

Discover the Benefits of Evening Karate Classes for Kids

Karate classes for kids help children get the exercise and mental exertion they need to stay healthy. From helping them stay active to learning essential life skills, these classes can be instrumental for children’s development. Find out how martial arts classes can impact your child’s academic performance and growth below:

  1. Kids’ Karate Classes Help Overcome Inhibitions

The endless peer pressure at school can cause children to become averse to risk. They are less likely to explore facets of their own personality. Kids’ karate classes in the evening give children a safe space where they can build confidence. During these classes, children can identify their strengths and set goals to address their limitations with the help of dedicated and encouraging staff.

  1. Learn to Make Friends and Build Social Skills

Evening classes encourage children to make new friends outside of their school or neighborhood. They will learn to interact with a diverse group of peers who are older or younger than them. Children will also spend time working in teams, which helps develop social skills. Your child will experience being led and leading their group, too.

  1. Raise Academic Performance

Inner confidence and physical fitness are vital ingredients for stronger academic performance. Children who practice martial arts regularly have been found to have a stronger executive function, which includes skills such as planning, goal-setting, and self-control. Moreover, youth and kids’ karate also help children aged 12-18 raise their academic performance when they are exploring post-secondary education paths.

4. Extra-Curricular Activities Expands Children’s Worldview

Evening classes give children the opportunity to exercise their independence. This helps them discover who they are and exercise control over their actions. Children also get to meet peers from diverse cultural backgrounds and with different interests from their own. Overall, these classes help build a deeper perspective of the world around them.

Give Your Child the Stepping Stone They Need with Evening Classes

Dragon Taekwondo is one of the leading martial arts schools in Milton and Oakville. Our instructors bring over 35 years of experience teaching kids Taekwondo. We are proud to have helped more than 1,000 children unleash their passion for martial arts.

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