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A Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate March Break Camp Experience

March Break Camp

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Picture this: your child has a five-day break. They spend their days socializing with peers, learning new skills, spending their energy constructively, and coming home in the evening all excited to tell you about the fun adventures they had. That’s what you can expect when you send your kids to March break camps.

March Break is an amazing opportunity for kids to take a break from school and try fun, exciting new activities. Camps are the perfect atmosphere for fun, excitement, and learning. In this guide, we will delve deeper into what these camps are like, what kinds are available, and why you should consider sending your kids to one.

What is a March Break Camp?

As the name suggests, these camps run over the March break camp, which is from the 11th to the 15th of March this year. These camps provide a constructive way for children to use the time they have away from school.

Camps typically focus on one major activity during the day, such as taekwondo, playing a musical instrument, or cooking. Children spend the rest of the time indulging in physical activities, playing supervised games, and snacking. All in all, camps aim to make each day fun and engaging.

You can categorize spring camps into two basic types:

  • Day camps
  • Overnight camps

Day camps typically start in the morning and end in the evening, often following usual school hours. With overnight camps, parents drop their child off on the first day and pick them up a few days later, once the camp finishes.

Why Should You Send Your Child to a March Break Camp in Oakville?

From teamwork to social skills, there are a lot of benefits of spring camps. Depending on the type of camp, your child will likely gain confidence, learn new skills, and make new friends! Here are a few more reasons to send your child to a camp during the March break:

  • Try New Things: This time gives your child five uninterrupted days to indulge in a new activity. It’s a great opportunity to learn new skills and hone existing ones.
  • Get Exercise: Children participate in lots of activities, ensuring they get the daily physical exercise they need to stay active and get stronger.
  • Be Stimulated: Learning or brushing up on skills stimulates the mind, building your child’s ability to focus and stay mentally engaged.
  • Stay Social: Your child will get to spend time mingling with other children who are close in age. Plus, these camps are the perfect chance to make new friends that are different from their usual school groups.
  • Play Games: Camps often build a lot of fun activities into their schedule. These can include Nerf games, bowling, laser quest, movie time, and more!
  • Keep a Routine: March break camps retain a sense of routine during the five days. That means your child won’t become disoriented while transitioning from school to time off and back to school again.
  • Preserve Your Schedule: Camps preserve parents’ schedules too. Day camps typically align with school pick-up and drop-off times, meaning your kids’ time off won’t impact your workday.

What Makes Our March Break Camp in Oakville So Popular?

Dragon TKD’s March break camp is a popular option for parents and children alike. Children love learning new martial arts techniques, while parents are comfortable having their children spend time with our taekwondo masters. They offer years of experience teaching children, which means they are in the best hands.

Thinking of enrolling your child? Did you know that our seasonal camps are HST-exempt, which offers parents a little financial reprieve? Click here to see spots available, or get in touch with us now. Hurry, our camp fills up before March!