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Five Reasons You Should Send Your Child to Summer Day Camp in Milton

Outdoor Picnic for Kids

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Especially in 2022, kids’ summer day camps have an important place in childhood. Not just full of fun experiences and some time away from mom and dad, Milton summer camps should be enriching and help children tap into their unique potential. At least, that is our philosophy with our camps at Dragon Taekwondo. Here are five reasons you should send your kid to a camp this summer.

1. Feed the Independent Spirit

As children grow, they need more time away from their parents and even teachers to feel free to make their own decisions. Summer camps can provide that unique middle-ground, where children are still in a safe environment, and under professional supervision, but where their usual authority figures are absent. That gives them some degree of freedom to grow.

2. Create Life-long Friendships

For some, summer camps forged some of the most valuable and long-lived relationships of their lives. Will your child meet their closest friends, those who might serve as their best man or their maid of honor, while here? It’s quite possible. The more opportunities you can give your child to bond with other kids, the better.

3. Support Physical Skills

Taekwondo camps are unique among many other kinds of camps in that they help children develop well-rounded physical skills, in all four limbs, including strength, coordination, balance, flexibility and so much more. Not to mention that these physical skills may enable your child to defend themselves as they grow.

4. Develop Healthy Habits

For children, exercise isn’t just about learning to master their body and what it is capable of. Experiences that help children find joy in movement and exercise can help them develop healthy habits. These habits can help them stay physically active throughout their life.

5. Nurture Intellectual Curiosity

We know, you might think that kids would spend their whole day at a taekwondo camp moving, but not even children have that much energy. We know that they need to exercise their mind too. That’s why we offer a range of intellectual experiences, whether it is heading to the museum, the aquarium, a science center, or some other enriching place.

Try a Taekwondo Camp

Dragon Taekwondo has Milton summer camps that your child will benefit from. Reach out to us to discuss the camp and to sign your child up.