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How Do After School Programs Work?

After School Programs

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If you’re looking for a way to encourage your child’s healthy lifestyle in an active and fun way, taekwondo schools may be the answer. Specifically, many taekwondo offer after-school programs in Oakville. The programming adds purpose to after-school care. They focus on improving your child’s physical and mental wellbeing through martial arts and offer character building as well.

Below are details on how these programs work to accomplish each of those goals.

Improve Fitness and Flexibility

Martial arts enable your child to increase his or her fitness level. This, in turn, can boost their overall energy, improve their metabolism, and help maintain a healthy weight. This physical activity can enhance flexibility and contribute to muscle strength with consistent practice.

Teach Self-Defense and Self-Discipline

During martial arts after-school programs in Oakville, your child will learn how to defend themselves. They will be able to stand up for themselves to boost their self-esteem and confidence. With regular training also comes self-discipline. Your child will learn to improve concentration, which sharpens their mind and increases responsiveness.

Focus on Character-Building

At the heart of martial arts is a focus on respecting yourself and others. Many programs focus on the five tenants of taekwondo: honesty, integrity, respect, perseverance, and indomitable spirit. Your child will learn to respect themselves and those around them. This includes their martial masters, parents, and teachers. Dragon Taekwondo follows similar principles that you can learn more about with our one-week free trial.

Improve Personal Connections

If you’re searching for before and after school programs “near me,” you may have a desire to lessen your child’s screen time. One of the benefits of these programs is in-person connections. The programs encourage your child to develop social skills both through free play and structured learning.

Contact Dragon Taekwondo for a One-Week Free Trial in Oakville, ON or Milton, ON

If you’re looking for after school programs “near me,” contact us at Dragon Taekwondo. Our family-oriented facilities are located in both Milton, ON, and Oakville, ON. We offer top-quality training from instructors who are internationally certified and accredited in the Korean martial arts. They have guided hundreds of children and adults in martial arts while encouraging them to build character in a fun and safe environment.

Our award-winning after school program combines martial arts instruction and supervision for your child. The program develops young students and focuses on building their minds and bodies. We combine daily activities in leadership and fitness with martial arts and physical fitness programming.

To learn more, book your free one-week trial with Dragon Taekwondo today!