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What Age Should I Start Taekwondo?

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Age shouldn’t play too big a role when deciding when to start learning taekwondo. Anyone can start learning at any time. If you’re wondering about when your child should start, every child develops at their own pace, and some may be ready sooner than others. Some children’s personalities may also be better suited to martial arts than others. The point is that the determining factor for children starting Taekwondo in Oakville isn’t their age; it’s their maturity. Before you sign up your child for taekwondo camps in Oakville, you should consider whether martial arts is currently the right fit for them.

Depends on the Child

The goal of martial arts should be to develop new skills, learn a better sense of discipline, and have fun. If a child doesn’t like martial arts, they shouldn’t do it. This isn’t always tied to a specific age. One child may enjoy a taekwondo summer camp at the age of four, while another child may not like it until they’re seven. Before the age of six, the goal of martial arts is to have fun and enjoy themselves.

After that, a certain level of maturity is required to sustain an effective teaching environment. Not all kids or adults will have the patience necessary for learning taekwondo.

One of the first things taekwondo camps and classes will teach you is patience. Therefore, for some children, this may be a good setting to lower their levels of aggressiveness over time.

One reason you may not want to start martial arts training before the age of six is so that you don’t create a negative experience. Most dojos will be accommodating to younger learners, but if you go too strong too fast, they may never want to do it again. Similarly, younger students may not have the strength or motor skills to perform some of the moves. A lot of taekwondo involves kicking, which means one’s balance has to be fairly competent. Younger kids may become frustrated if they are unable to complete the majority of the drills. This is up to the guardian’s discretion to determine whether they think their child is ready to start taekwondo in Oakville.

A taekwondo summer camp may be the best setting for testing whether or not a child likes martial arts. These taekwondo camps usually only cover the basics, and they can create productive group environments for younger people. At the same time, if they do not gravitate to taekwondo, then there’s no harm done.


Children are often more aware than you think. If you ask your child how they are feeling, they will likely give you a pretty accurate and honest answer. (http://rxreviewz.com/) Your desire for them to take on martial arts shouldn’t cloud your judgement. Regular check-ins are always a great way to keep communication up-to-date and consistent.

It’s Never Too Late to Learn

We’ve talked a lot about when your child will be ready to start taekwondo but don’t think it’s just for the kids! Whether you stopped when you were young, or it’s your first time, Dragon Taekwondo welcomes students of all ages and skill levels. Contact us now to learn about our courses for all members of the family.