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How Martial Arts Helps Children Build Confidence

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If your child is pursuing martial arts in Oakville, you are bound to see their confidence increase. How can martial arts turn a quiet or shy child into one that is more confident, assertive, and bold? Martial arts and Taekwondo specifically are excellent tools to help your child’s confidence grow. Here is how practicing martial arts can help.

Emotional Control

While you may think martial arts focuses on physical control, it requires mental and emotional discipline. Much of the confidence is keeping fear, anxiety, and other negative emotions in check which by engaging in martial arts can help your child cultivate that skill.

Supportive Environment

Our highly trained instructors know how to guide children by providing them the right amount of challenge to encourage them without being too harsh or too soft. They also help other children get on board with supporting each child, creating a positive environment that can help your child develop confidence. Our Oakville taekwondo school has a very supportive environment.

Careful Challenge

Too much challenge is overwhelming and can stop children from trying and making progress. However, if there is not enough challenge in the activity, children won’t develop the confidence they get from overcoming a challenge. Instead, they may crumble when faced with something hard. Taekwondo can offer children just the right amount of challenge for their skill level and keep offering it even as they develop.

Physical Strength and Skill

A certain confidence also comes from having physical strength and skill. A child’s ability to defend his or herself will help them feel more confident when threatened, even if an argument with a friend or interaction with a bully doesn’t come to physical violence. Knowing that they can defend themselves physically also helps children learn to defend themselves in other situations by speaking up for themselves.

Real Achievement

Many sports, martial arts, and other children’s activities will hand out participation trophies if a child just shows up. Martial arts don’t lend themselves well to this mentality, and at our Oakville Taekwondo school, we don’t believe in it. A child should be challenged so that when they do accomplish something, it feels like a real achievement for them and not something that was handed to them. That is the root of real confidence.

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