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Investigating the Advantages of After-School Programmes: Improving Education and Nurturing Potential

After School Program

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After-school activities are a great way to keep children busy after the school day is over. While children will learn new skills and spend their time constructively, there are many other benefits of after-school programs to consider. This blog will explain how the right programs can help your child improve their academic ability and unlock their full potential.

Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in After-School Programs

Lower Absence Rate

A study found middle school children who enrolled in after-school activities had a 25% higher attendance rate compared to their peers. One reason for this is that programs such as after-school karate classes build positive social skills in children and encourages participation.

Also, when children have something exciting to look forward to after school, such as the Ninja Course we offer at Dragon TKD, they are more inclined to go to school and then attend after-school programs.

Enhance Academic Ability

Children who attend after-school programs in Oakville for two or more years can improve their academic performance, the Institute of Education Sciences reports. The University of Connecticut also found the same results in another study involving 9,100 students who attended after-school activities.

Improve Discipline and Behavior

The same University of Connecticut study also found that students who regularly attended after-school programs were less likely to be involved in ‘disciplinary infractions’. This is because after-school activities in Oakville provide children with an outlet after school, which allows them to use their time constructively.

Establish Positive Fitness Habits

Children aged 6 to 17 years old should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day, says the CDC. However, with smartphones and computer screens running rampantly, less than 76% of children get this amount of physical exercise.

After-school taekwondo classes allow children to engage in physical activity in a safe, supervised environment. This physical activity reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even various cancers as children grow older.

Develop Social Skills

After-school activities in Oakville give children the chance to interact with peers outside their usual school environment. Children make new friends, learn to interact with peers of their own age, and develop social skills.

In our Taekwondo classes, we place a strong emphasis on teamwork. That means your child will learn to work collaboratively with teammates, build leadership skills, and learn to have fun with others.

Adding to the Resume

Every employer appreciates candidates who demonstrate follow-through and a commitment to setting and reaching goals. Earning belts will help your child clearly showcase their focus and dedication from an early age.

Boost Confidence

Learning new skills in after-school programs in Oakville is tremendously rewarding. Mastering new techniques and moves will feel rewarding for your child and help them to understand the importance of striving towards goals.

The sense of achievement your child feels when mastering a new Taekwondo move or overcoming a difficult school subject will lead to confidence and a sense of accomplishment. This newfound self-confidence can carry over to their academic and social lives, pushing them to reach their true potential.

Learn More About Our After-School Program

Dragon Taekwondo brings over 13 years of experience helping students of all ages unleash their full potential. Our instructors use their knowledge and expertise to help children learn martial arts in a safe, supportive environment.

Did you know that all after-school programs in Oakville are HST exempt? As a bonus for parents that enroll their children in after-school taekwondo programs, they will not incur the additional 13% HST. Hurray for cost-effective, engaging fun!

Talk to us to learn more about our programs after school, or fill out the form to get started.