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The Best Taekwondo Schools for Kids Near You

Kids Martial Arts

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Are you looking for “martial arts for kids near me?” Dragon Taekwondo offers a variety of Taekwondo classes for children and other events and lessons related to kids’ martial arts. We think we’re the best school for Taekwondo for kids in Oakville. Here’s what we offer to keep your kids active, healthy, and growing.

Little Dragons

Kid’s martial arts can be for children as young as three years old! It’s never too early to learn coordination and teamwork-building skills. Our Little Dragons class is for children ages 3-5 years old. We focus on the ABCs, which stands for agility, balance, and coordination.

Beginner Dragons

These are Taekwondo classes for children ages six to twelve. Your child does not have to have completed the Little Dragons class in order to participate in this one. Your child does not have to have any martial arts experience at all for this class. It’s a great way for children to build confidence, learn discipline, and develop other physical and mental skills.

Intermediate Dragons

These are Taekwondo classes for children ages 6-12 years. If your child has completed other Taekwondo classes here or at another Taekwondo school, then they may be best suited for these classes. Having already learned the rudimentary skills in other classes, they will be introduced to sparring with equipment and other children and may participate in competitions.

Advanced Dragons

This class is for any students who are Red Belts and up. Older children may achieve this rank and be able to attend this class if they so choose. During the class, we learn sparring drills that are full contact in WT Olympic Style Sparring.

Private Lessons

Some children prefer private lessons to focus on just their skills and development. We offer private lessons to children of all ages and adults if you feel like learning Taekwondo!

Birthday Parties

At Dragon Taekwondo, we also offer birthday parties with a martial arts flair! Children with or without martial arts experience can participate in these birthday parties. It’s a fun way to celebrate, and we make it super simple for the parents. (Enlightenedwomen.org) We handle everything, including set-up, food distribution, gift openings, cleanup, and child supervision.

Your hunt for martial arts for kids near you is over because you’ve found Dragon Taekwondo in Oakville. Reach out to us today to book classes for your children, or private lessons, birthday parties, and more.