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Future Empowerment: Unleashing Potential Through After-School Programmes

After School Program

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After-school programs are great ways for children to hone skills and grow their self-confidence. Understood, a non-profit, found such programs can turn “aimless hours” into positive learning time. So, how are after-school martial arts programs beneficial for your child? In this blog, we’ll explore five ways we can answer this exciting question.

5 Ways Martial Arts After-School Programs Help Your Child Shine

Improve Physical Fitness

Physical and Health Education Canada says children get up to 30% of their total daily physical exercise after school. However, studies have found that only 24% of children, aged 6-17, engage in 60 minutes of physical activity every day. A martial arts after-school program is a great way for your child to get the physical exercise they need.

At Dragon TKD, we are the only martial arts facility in Ontario that offers an indoor Ninja obstacle course, and our after-school programs are able to use it. Not only does this obstacle course encourage participants to challenge themselves physically, but it also makes physical activity fun!

Better Cognitive Development

Taekwondo teaches children valuable life skills like discipline, respect, and focus. A study by the Journal of Physical Therapy Science found that martial arts can help improve children’s cognitive functions, behaviours, and academic performance. Martial arts training can also improve concentration and responsiveness.

Build Social Skills

After-school martial arts in Oakville are a great opportunity to develop social skills. Your child will learn about teamwork, how to interact with children of their own and other ages, and vital life skills! An after-school martial arts program will help your child shed inhibitions and feel more comfortable in social settings with peers.

Work Towards a Goal

Goal setting is one of the most important things for children to learn because when they reach their goal, they experience a tremendous boost to their confidence. It shows they can achieve something when they set their mind to it.

After-school martial arts in Oakville allows your child to work on their technique and earn higher belts. These achievable goals give children the incentive to continue their training.

Learn Valuable Self-Defense Techniques

Finally, taekwondo gives your child the ability to defend themselves. Regular training will help them build strength, improve stamina, and gain the confidence to stand up for themselves.

Why Choose Dragon Taekwondo Acadamy’s After-Schools Program

At Dragon Taekwondo, we offer a fun, structured environment where your child will learn a valuable life skill. Here’s why our programs are a top pick for parents:

A Track Record of Producing High Achievers

With more than ten years teaching Taekwondo and over 1,000 students trained, we are Oakville’s go-to martial arts school. From international medalists to becoming officers in the military, we have a track record of producing high achievers.

Qualified, Reputed Instructors

Our instructors bring 35 years of Taekwondo experience and training under Grand Masters and Olympic coaches. Master Shakeel Chaudhary, for instance, was Team Canada Coach in 2019 at the Universiade in Naples, Italy, is an International Certified Kukkiwon Master, and an NCCP Certified Performance Coach.

After-School Schedules That Fit Your Needs

We offer a range of programs, which makes finding the right one for your business easy. We offer a pick-up service, and your child can get homework assistance, too! Our after-school programs are also exempt from HST tax, which makes them more cost-effective for parents.

Learn more about our after-school offering here, and feel free to speak to us to learn more.